I’m pleased to announce…

drum roll…

That EDEN is available as an ebook. The download is FREE and you can obtain your copy from here.

This is a new website set up to give new writers and poets the opportunity to see how well received their book is before committing to print. Tony Stanton is the founder of obooko and believes that new writers make their book available as a free download to gain feedback from other writers or readers, and also to promote their work.

This hasn’t cost me a penny, all rights to Eden is mine and I’ve signed no contract.

5 thoughts on “I’m pleased to announce…

  1. Thank you all for your reviews. It's really interesting to see how a story is interpreted differently in other people's minds.

    Re the pregnancy thing, I had a whole scene where Jenny *does* get pregnant, but cut it out and had planned to use it for a sequel where the child grows up and low and behold Fly *wasn't* the only alien survivor after all. But rejected the idea as non-working.

    Thanks again.


  2. I liked many aspects of this book. The world building is well done and makes the planet fascinating. The descriptions of plants and animals felt really alien without being too complicated or confusing. I liked that the romance part is important to the storyline without being too prominent either. Since I liked Fly’s point of view a lot I regretted that most of the book is written through Jenny’s. On the other hand there are parts of the book that could have been done differently. For once the relationships between the different characters could have been more developed. Sometimes emotions, often negative ones, seem a little exaggerated, especially concerning Matt’s extremely negative and violent attitude towards Fly. In that light Bodie and Matt’s change of heart seems sudden and, thus, a little inconsistent. Another inconsistency is, in my opinion, the fact that Jenny never seems to wonder about pregnancy. Being stranded on a strange planet, not knowing if a pregnancy is possible between a very human-like alien and a human woman, paired with the impossibility to call for proper medical aid, is after all a worrying situation. It seems weird that Jenny should be thoughtless in that regard. The last thing that I would have liked to be a little different is the ending. It felt rather abrupt to me and I would have loved an epilogue. I realize that the nature of the story makes any ending difficult though. All in all I really enjoyed Eden. It kept my interest up to the last page. If there was a sequel or a similar story I would definitely read them.


  3. Message : I really like the premise of this book. I would have liked to see more character development especially with Fly and Jenny, I felt like I didn't know them enough and they didn't know enough about each other. That kind of hurt the romance part for me as it seemed like their feelings (especially Jenny's) just appeared out of nowhere. Also Jenny and the other astronauts made some strange mistakes. They were only on the planet a few minutes and she already disobeyed a direct order and moved into an alien ship without doing any kind of tests or scans on it. The enviornment could have been toxic to her even if the aliens breathed the same air as us- dead bodies are not healthy to be around. Also eating alien food without even wondering if it was ok for human's to eat. Things like that just seem out of character for a trained astronaut, especially one who could be considered the best of the best. But the book definitely kept my attention and I enjoyed it overall.


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