Was going to keep this blog as purely for writing…

but am feeling sorry for myself.

I’ve broke my baby toe! Went out with a group of work friends Saturday night, the friends being in their twenties and me in my, er, slightly older all decided to go on a pub crawl.
I dressed in my new harem jeans and Jane Norman black and silver top and I felt the bee’s knees. Anyway, girl from the group approaches me in her figure-hugging dress with legs up to her pits, clear sparkling skin and with bum-checks as tight as a drum and boobs that pointed in the right direction, said I was looking really trendy and wished her mum would dress as trendily.
Hmmm I think that’s what they call a back handed compliment.
Anyway, they were a bunch of light-weights and I ended up being the only sober one there. Honestly, a coule of Malibu and cokes and they were all over the place. No stamina these days.
Ended up in a club and I, in my sober stupor, fell down a step and landed funny – although I didn’t laugh but that didn’t stop everybody else – and my poor used-to-be ignored baby toe took the brunt of my weight and it is duly looking like a burnt chipolata. And the worse thing? The only footwear I can bear on my feet are my neon yellow flurry slippers so a quick trip to the shops for a bar of Cadbury is out. The loan penguin bar isn’t real chocolate despite what anyone says!
Please leave sympathy for toe below.

13 thoughts on “Was going to keep this blog as purely for writing…

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    absolutely enjoy your blog! send me a e-mail please in case you want to see my pix


  2. Sorry to hear about your toe, Louise. I feel your pain! That has happened to me on more than one occasion. I remember one time it happened twice in one day to the same toe! The pain lasted for weeks! Take care!


  3. Oh dear, that sounds painful. I'm really clumsy and always falling over or stubbing my toes, but nothing broken so far! (Guess I shouldn't tempt fate by saying that…)


  4. Yup, done that Anon that's why I now where flats whenever I can.

    Harem jeans are ordinary jeans but at the ankle they are elasticated -think Genie style.


  5. I feel for you. Of course, I am a clutz. Used to be every time I had somewhere important to go I would somehow injure myself and get a big bruise to show off.
    Ever walk down steps with no backs, in heels, get a heel caught behind the step and fall flat down the rest of them with your foot caught? Nice bruise across the front of my shins with that one. And I was 20 and wasn't drinking! LOL
    Aurora Lightbourne http://alightbourne.netau.net/


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