How to build an Amazon author page and other information.

by Cassander Carr
author of contemporary adult fiction writers, I am pleased to have author Cassander Carr to talk to us about marketing today. Cassander Carr is a member of the leading professional association for romance novelists, Romance Writers of America, and also serves as Vice President of her local chapter, newsletter editor for Passionate Ink, and as a member of ESPAN.
She will specifically be talking about providing direction for setting up your and Goodreads author pages, along with advice for book signings. So let’s get on with the show!
How do I set up an author page on 
(Use this advice for as well)
  1. Read the text and follow the directions.
  2. Click on the button on the bottom that says “Join Author Central”.
  3. Look at the “Terms and Disclosures” thingy on the next page and accept it.
  4. Follow the directions to find your books on Amazon to link them to your account and to fill out your profile and VOILA! – you’re done!!!!
 How do I set up an author page on Goodreads? 
  1. Sign up with Goodreads
  2. Click on the “Explore” tab and mouse down to “Authors”
  3. On the author page you’ll see a link toward the top right that says “Author Program”. Click on that. Read the directions. They will tell you to search for your own name and then click on it. That will take you to the basic author profile.
  4. Fill in the information on the author profile.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on “Is This You?” to send a message to Goodreads that you want to join the Author Program. They will contact you when you’re ready to go! Now that wasn’t that hard, was it?

And what about those pesky book signings?
Don’t be scared to do them!
Just follow some of my easy directions and hopefully the process will be a lot more fun!
  • Write your own announcement for the store’s PA system if you can. Give them a couple of versions since they’ll be repeating it.
  • Remind the store personnel to make an announcement if it’s been a while. They get busy and might forget. Every half-hour is good for making a new announcement.
  • Offer to make the announcements yourself if they’ll let you and you feel comfortable enough to do it. You will show more enthusiasm and it’ll sound more personalized.
  • Make a nice name tag for yourself so visitors know who you are.
  • Don’t just sit there behind the table waiting for people to approach. Get up and greet people as they enter the store or the area. Have something to hand out – people will usually take it.
  • If people show any interest, hand them a book/promo item and tell them to check it out.
  • Be willing to sign the promo item if the person doesn’t buy the book itself. Remember – you’re spreading good will!
  • If you’re unsure about traffic, invite friends and family to create buzz. However: It is important to not use these people as a crutch to keep you from talking to new people.
  • Leave bookmarks or other promo products for the store staff to stuff into purchase bags if they are willing.
  • Bring candy. People will stop to take some – use that opportunity to greet them and talk to them.
  • Get to know the Community Relations Coordinator. They’re the ones who will invite you back/talk you up to management.
  • Send a personalized thank you note to whoever you worked w/at the store to set up the signing.
  • Send a thank you note to the store’s manager praising whoever help set up the signing.
  • Have your book cover made into a little easel sign w/its own easel that you can bring to book signings.
  • Encourage attendees to bring their ereaders so they can download the book right there. If they go home they’re far less likely to buy it. You can also ask store staff to make sure one of their computers has someone nearby to assist customers w/buying your book if they don’t have their reader with them.

 You have the tools, now go forth and prosper!
 Or write!
Or promote!

Cassandra Carr lives in Western New York with her husband, Inspiration, and her daughter, Too Cute for Words. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out on Twitter. Her debut novel, Talk to Me, was released by Loose Id on March 22, 2011. For more information about Cassandra, check out her website, “like” her Facebook fan page at or follow her on Twitter.

Radio producer Jamie MacMahon is in over her head with ex-hockey player-turned host Drew Milan. She’s attracted to the man who earned the nickname “the Beast” during his playing days from the moment they meet, but he’s her boss and she loves her new job. She’s made plenty of mistakes with men and loathes the thought of being yet another plaything for Drew, a man who sleeps with women but doesn’t date them. Drew doesn’t want to lose a great producer and knows Jamie deserves a real relationship, but can’t stay away from the sizzling chemistry they create every time they’re together. Jamie’s insecurities and the very real prospect of having to leave a great job if this thing doesn’t work out, coupled with Drew’s fears about opening his heart and the possibility of losing his first competent producer clash.

Uniform Behaviour, out now from Andrews UK!

Writer website:


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  1. Cherie, Kerri, Jane, Chazley, and Myne – thanks so much for the kudos! I have a background in marketing, which definitely helps in this crazy world of publishing. Thanks for stopping by!


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