Meet Cora Parks: Your IRS Refund

My Foray
into the Blogosphere
Cora Parks
I first learned of blogging in 2007 as
a way to make money.  Unfortunately, I
promptly forgot about it until 2009. 
What precipitated my going into blogging was a desire to disseminate tax
information to a larger audience than I would be able to reach as a sometime
tax instructor at work.
So in August 2009, I commenced my first
blog post.  It was nothing special, just
a “hey I’m here” type of post. 
All I wanted to do was to talk about
taxes in plain English so that no one’s eyes would glaze over.   Although, others make money off their blogs,
I don’t make a penny.  In fact, I lose
money in that I must pay hosting fees every month out of my own pocket. 
Do I wish that I could make money?  Yes. 
Do I want more readers?  Of course
I do.  But my writing was and is not
predicated upon the number of readers or how much money I make.  I do it because I love it. 
The only caveat is producing fresh
material.  Except for a couple of guest
posts, I write and edit all the material on my blog.   This year, I made changes to the blog
template, the size of posts, and frequency of posts in an effort to attract
more readers. 
Right now, I take things day by day,
hoping that my posts make “taxes a little less taxing” in the lives of my readers. 
I would love to have you join us at 

Cora Parks is a
lifelong Atlantan whose vision is to bring proactive tax counsel and personal
responsibility to the masses in the area of taxation.

She is the author and editor of the financial blog
Tax Today, a blog that provides readers with information on an array of federal
tax topics. She is currently collaborating with PYPTW Inc, a nonprofit
organization to start a low income tax clinic in metro Atlanta.

Genre – Non-Fiction, Tax
Purchase Links: Amazon

In this book you will find all the information you need about an IRS refund, from the options that you have to get your refund, to getting a bigger refund, and getting it faster. In addition, we include little known IRS refund topics, like what to do when you have an expired refund, what to do if you get an unexpected IRS refund and much more.

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