Peripheral Vision – Why ‘Distractions’ Can Actually Let Your Creativity Flow

Christine Agro
In 50 Ways To Live Life Consciously, Metaphysical Expert Christine Agro offers the simplest, yet most life-changing answer to the question “Why Are We Here?”
My husband is an artist and for many years
he has talked to me about his painting process. He talks about working on a
piece and then hanging it on the wall of his studio and then moving on to work
on something else, even though the first piece isn’t finished. He hangs the
painting in a place where he can still see it out of the corner of his eye. He
says to me ‘I’m looking at it with my peripheral vision. It helps me to see
something I didn’t see.’

‘How cool,’ I think, ‘to have that ability
to look out of the corner of one’s eye.’

I write, not because I am a writer, but
because I am an explorer of Conscious Living and I love to share what I
discover. As my own work has evolved I’ve found my own sort-of ‘peripheral
vision’ developing. True to form, I don’t just want to have the experience of
this peripheral vision, I want to understand it. When we can understand why
something works, or how it works, or why it benefits us, then we can really
start to create change in our lives. Our knowing allows us to consciously
access and utilize the information, rather than it being a haphazard happening.

I gather information by observing what’s
happening with others and also by sitting in my meditation space and looking at
the energy. I call it ‘picking it apart.’ I visualize what I want to explore;
it could be a person, a situation or even energy; and then I pick it apart like
a cotton ball to see what comes out. The information unfolds for me like a

I’ve been looking at this notion of
‘peripheral vision’ for a while now. Personally, I find the busier I am, the
more I get done. I also find that information flows when I’m in the shower or
I’m driving.  These are my own sorts of
‘peripheral vision’. But I’m not happy with the fact that they work, I want to
understand why these experiences let my creativity flow.

After looking at it and exploring it, what
I’ve found is that we can get so focused on what we are creating that our mind
and sometimes our ego create blocks (writer’s block falls into this category).
I get the picture of standing in front of a brick wall and we just keep trying
to run through it, when in fact if we step back and take a look, we can
actually walk around it, or easily climb over it.  In the process of shifting our focus to
something else we open the door for the information, the insight, the clarity
or the inspiration to resume flowing.

Interestingly in a book I recently read
(iDisorder by Dr. Larry Rosen) there was a discussion about how the brain
operates. One thing I took from it is that our brain doesn’t reset or calm down
unless it receives different signals to do so. Simply turning off the computer
doesn’t work; we need to change our environment, like go for a walk on the
beach. So in the case of blocks, I believe, but I don’t know scientifically,
that could be why ‘peripheral vision’ works. It allows our mind to receive a
different signal and to release the block. Don’t quote me on that though, I’m
just surmising from what I read. What I do know, however, is that
energetically, shifting your focus works.

Next time you feel stuck, or you think
you’ve lost your inspiration, consider looking with your own form of
‘peripheral vision’.
© 2012 Christine Agro
“Life is a journey. Spiritual evolution is a spiral. Living a conscious life puts you in the driver’s seat of your own magnificently spiraling journey.” 

Does life seem complicated? 
Are you always trying to
get to the next ‘something’? 
Are your relationships confusing and overwhelming? 

Christine Agro, Clairvoyant and Metaphysical Expert, shares her unique insight
that will help you create a graceful, ease and flowing life. 

information is so simple yet so powerful that you may actually feel yourself
shifting as you read. With insight into the how, why and what-for of life,
Christine helps you get off the mental and emotional wheels and helps you get
your ego in check creating a natural balance with the one aspect of yourself
that really does have all the answers, your Spirit. 

50 Ways to Live Life
Consciously is a treasure box that answers the question “why are we here” and
offers 8 tools and 42 concepts to help you make the shift into conscious

Christine Agro is an internationally
recognized Clairvoyant, Inspirational Teacher, Metaphysical Expert and author
50 Ways To Live Life Consciously: 8 Tools and 42 Concepts to Help You Wake-Up And Live (Haldi Press March 3, 2012).

She has helped numerous artists, writers, dancers, actors and designers
through her Creative Vision Mentor Process. 

To find out more about Christine
please visit her at:
Blog  or drop her a line  by Email she’d love to hear from you.

Short excerpt – 50 Ways To Live Life Consciously

When we live consciously we begin to see that all things are
interconnected and there is both magic and power in this awareness.
When we live consciously we are truly living. The blinders come off
and a whole new way of seeing the world and living in the world spring to life
When we live consciously we wake-up to all the many ways in which
our lives are put together and our destiny becomes ours to consciously create.
Some people spend their entire life living unconsciously, unaware of why their
life unfolds the way it does and allowing their unconsciousness to drag them
along. Life is only ‘by chance’ if we are unconscious to it. There is so much richness
and reward that comes when we live with awareness.
As you take this step toward conscious living, from this day on,
each step you take must be made as a conscious choice.
We are no longer able to sit and wait for something greater than
ourselves – God, The Universe, The One – to tell us what to do. Our learning,
our healing, our growth will only happen when we say ‘yes’ to the steps along
the way.

2 thoughts on “Peripheral Vision – Why ‘Distractions’ Can Actually Let Your Creativity Flow

  1. Maybe this is why when you're tucked up in bed your creativity begins to flow?

    The amount of times I sit and stare at the screen! Next time I shall take myself away from the entire area. 🙂

    Thanks Christine, and thanks to your husband!

    Thank you for popping over, Nicole.


  2. I love this idea! And now that you mention it, I have used it before. Inthe family room I put all my notebooks beside me on the couch. It's there all the time and many short stories and my current WIP will get my attention because I know they are right beside me. That will keep me going! So in a way I know just what you mean!


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