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Reading in the Sunshine
My Book Reviews

In Megan’s words, she tells us a little about herself and why she has started a review blog:

‘I’m Megan, I’m 22 and I live on the south coast of England. I had to give up working in a school last year due to poor health, and as I love reading and sharing recommendations with my family and friends, I thought I might try reviewing books as a hobby, so I set up a review blog and also a facebook page which runs alongside it.

My Book Reviews…
I’ve always enjoyed reading since I was a child, I buy a large amount of books each month, I will try any genre but especially love women’s fiction, a few of my favourite authors are Cecelia Ahern, Lindsey Kelk, Harriet Evans, Sophie Kinsella and Tasmina Perry. I do have many more authors I love, I have bookshelves full of novels. However, I will always try any authors and am constantly trying and discovering other authors’ books.

Authors all have to start off somewhere and if I can help anybody by spreading the word about their novel, by encouraging people to go and purchase it or asking people to check out an up-and-coming author then I’d love to be of any assistance. 

I feel that there any so many great books out there with a fantstic story just waiting to be discovered, it just takes someone to try one, write about how much they they have enjoyed it, and this can truly make a lot of difference to the authors out there. I hope that I am able to help connect an author with a potential reader, and that I can help any readers out there find their perfect book.’

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