Book in the spotlight: Seals of Abgal

Woelf Dietrich

Those who hunt The Seals are driven by a hate older than time itself. 
Half price for a short while only.

Bookstore owner and
novice antiquarian, Sebastian Kaine is proud of his new profession and even
prouder still of the collection of antique books on the occult that he keeps
locked away in the basement of his bookstore.

But his little utopia implodes
when he wakes up in that same basement, bound and bloodied, and his prized
collection all but destroyed. 

Making matters worse are the two strange men
responsible for the carnage. They want The Seals of Abgal and insist Sebastian
has it. Though he denies having any knowledge of the book, Sebastian soon finds
himself at the receiving end of a violent interrogation–one, he fears, he may
not survive. 

As he fights to stay alive, Sebastian will learn that The
Seals of Abgal is no ordinary grimoire, and these men are no ordinary thugs.

Seals of Abgal can also be found in the following stores:
Amazon Canada

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