Author in the spotlight – Garry Rogers

On my review blog, the books that gain a 4-star mark or higher ‘win’ a spot on WWBB, and I was impressed by Garry Roger’s novel Cor Syl the Warrior enough by giving it a 4-star review.

I found it refreshing, extremely unique with funny, laugh-out-loud moments, too. It’s targeted at YA, but anybody who enjoy hard fantasy will like this book.

The origin of Cor Syl the Warrior – in Garry Roger’s words: 
‘The idea for this book came from the news, the bad news: The bad weather, spreading extinctions, and always the hunger, hate, and war. The Tsaeb (silent ‘T’, long ‘a’) have the intelligence and foresight needed to avoid global scarcity and inequity, but random events can always block perfection. Characters like Corr Syl (as in apple ‘core’ and door ‘sill’) are often driven to struggle against the forces of chance, greed, and evil as they attempt to protect perfection—an impossible assignment.

However, all of that wasn’t enough to make me start writing. My ideal book includes action, adventure, romance, danger, and a bit of humor. I decided to write that book. The other stuff just adds a little meaning to the story.’
Check it out now all over Amazon: 

Connect with Garry Rogers 

Author Garry Rogers

Dr. Garry Rogers writes about an Earth on which intelligence appeared long before humans in Corr Syl the Warrior.

He also writes non fiction articles, and wildlife and nature conservation books. Before turning to full-time writing, he served on the faculties of UCLA and Columbia University in New York, and he served as CEO of an academic computing corporation.

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