Eden and its concluding part Hunted

Excerpt from the book EDEN

She started, her eyes flaring wide. The noise she heard echoed up the corridor. With her nerve failing, she jumped to her feet, allowing the broken appliance to fall to the floor. She could already hear heavy footsteps pounding up the corridor as she dashed across to the lobby.
At the exit, she slipped in a puddle of animal blood and fell, sprawling, to the ground. She began to scramble out of the doorway on her stomach, but her ankles were seized and she was whipped backwards at speed.
She was abruptly released, but the momentum caused her to roll until she hit the opposite wall. She lowered her hands, which had instinctively risen to shield her head against the impact, and peered fearfully at her attacker.

His feet, bare and soiled, were planted wide apart, and his naked chest was rising and falling rapidly. He threw something and she covered her head again. The crushed bottle caught her on the back of the hand. She stifled a shocked cry, and peered through her fingers at the alien, her stomach rolling and twisting like waves.
He reeled off a string of words, and she flinched at the tone. He bent towards her and she tried to hide within the wall, but she was lifted by the front of her suit and hung, like a ragdoll, from his hands. Her chin began to tremble.
She was deflated; all fight had fled her body.
‘I’m sorry.’ Tears fell in an endless rush. ‘I thought you’d gone. I thought you were on Taurus. Th-that’s w-why I drank it.’
She was shaken roughly, her head rocking on her shoulders, and then dropped. The instant she hit the floor she curled into the foetal position, with her arms covering her head.
Her senses were acute to sound, and her brain nagged her to flee, but she remained motionless. The old, old trick: play dead. It was miraculous how prehistoric instincts had quickly reasserted their position in her life.
Finally, the bare feet walked away. But she remained in a curled ball, the dismembered animal her neighbour, and wondered if the quality of her life would be worth the struggle to survive.

Fly was an unwilling experiment; Jenny was marooned. 
Both were destined to meet.
Eden book #1

 Excerpt from the book HUNTED

A honnard ran into her line of vision, he was followed by a Jelvia who looped a chain around its neck. He whooped with delight as the caveman fell to the ground. Another Jelvia jumped off a strange-looking creature that looked like a cross between a short-necked giraffe and a horse, and hit a panicking native across the back of the head with a stick. The ‘stick’ had a loop over one end, and when the honnard fell to the floor, the loop was slipped over its head. Another Jelvia ran past, kicking over a carefully arranged stockpile of wood and rocks. He disappeared from view, but another jumped down from the ledge above the mouth of the cave where Jenny was hiding, making her start. He ran forwards and scattered a group of honnards. Jenny saw Zack run out of the trees, his spear aloft, teeth bared. He threw it, and dived to one side as a Jelvia spat. Jenny couldn’t be sure if he’d been hit or not. But a Jelvia lay on the ground clearly dead with a spear sticking out of his chest.

There were lots of yelling and howling, and there was no doubt in Jenny’s mind that these Jelvias had captured Fly—or killed him.

‘Look at this!’ someone shouted, and Jenny saw a Jelvia take the small effigy of her from a tree. ‘The prims believe in her!’

‘There are loads of them,’ someone else said. ‘The prims believe in her.’ The gap she was peering through darkened as the Jelvia pulled the stick doll from above the cave’s entrance.

This close Jenny could only see the lower half of his legs. Another Jelvia joined the one outside her cave and the doll was either dropped or thrown to the ground.

A heel crushed it into the dust, making her believe it was the latter. ‘Utter rubbish,’ the perpetrator said. ‘How many prims have we got?’


‘That all? Where’s the others?’

‘They ran into the forest!’ someone said. ‘We came in too hard! They’ve run.’

The grinder of the doll swore, and his legs moved away. Then it was over. They left behind their destruction and moved off to find more unsuspecting prisoners. Jenny lowered her head into her arms. How many Jelvias had there been? It was hard to tell, but how could she, a lone woman, fight them and rescue her man?

Odd events remind her that the man she gave everything up for isn’t human. Eden returns with its conclusion in Hunted
Hunted Book #2

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