‘I’m not upset or resentful. I just don’t like people.’

This social media malarkey is destroying humankind.

How many kids play outside now? We used to see the kids playing in the streets after school, in holidays or at the weekend, now the streets are empty.

Social anxiety is on the rise and I think it’s because we don’t know how to interact with ‘real life’ friends or deal with real situations anymore, and that’s down to a fear of not getting it right because in real life, you know, that thing outside of your window, you don’t get those ‘three goes’ (or whatever it is in game terms) of getting/saying/doing the right thing, and if you injure yourself, it hurts!

Real life is immediate, hard work and sometimes scary, maybe that’s why the young do their upmost to avoid it so much?

That’s one side of why social anxiety is on the rise, my other theory is that our peers are posting updates of their whereabouts at various locations (making us feel like we’re missing out) or uploading selfies looking so great that it makes the rest of us feel inadequate (remember, that ‘one selfie’ probably took twenty pictures to get it right!)

And it isn’t just the young, it’s us ‘oldies’ as well. Look around (if you’ve dared to venture out) and see how many of us are looking at our phones instead of concentrating on the company we’re in.

1990 was the verge of all this and probably the last era of ‘normal’ childhood. The video below resonated with me, and I’d like to share it with you. – Louise Wise, author of romantic fiction with the ‘realistic touch’.

Oh No Cover LARGE EBOOKOh no, I’ve Fallen in Love!

A modern version of Cinderella, which deals with depression and anxiety sensitively.

‘Cinders’ Valerie Anthrope has two ugly conditions holding her back: insomnia and paranoia. Her fairy godmother is overbearing Ellen Semple, who interferes in all aspects of Valerie’s life. Prince Charming is the delectable Lex Kendal who relentlessly pursues Valerie. The glass slipper is Boots the cat. A furry friend that Valerie loses and must find before happiness can squish her ugly ‘sisters’.
This version is darker than the average fairy-tale—just like The Brothers Grimm intended.  Tissues are a must!


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