‘Is it in?’ – A Proper Charlie #romcom #british #badsex #cheapbooks

 A Proper Charlie is a contemporary romance and sums up what the genre is all about: fun, ‘finding yourself’ and relationships.

 ginger pic

Charlie Wallis is a ditzy redhead but her heart is in the right place.
Without a family, she was brought up in a children’s home and subsequently, as an adult, craves to fall in love and be loved herself.
She’s heart-broken when her boyfriend dumps her, but then starts to feel the pull of attraction for her boss, Ben Middleton.
Only he becomes a man wanted for murder.
Is her life destined to meet bad men? Or is Ben as innocent as he claims?

Geeky Ben Middleton is dominated by his overbearing father. He longs for an easy life, but in the same month his mother dies, his sister disappears, his father becomes ill and he is forced to step-up and take over the family newspaper business.
Can he manage or will he buckle under the pressure?
And why does he feel attracted to the maddening Charlie Wallis?
As if a party girl would fall for a geek, astronomy buff, like himself!

But then things become complicated when Ben is implicated in a murder story he’s covering. And somehow, it’s all Charlie’s fault!

A pure British, ginger, read!

apc londonAnd it’s only 77p! (or price equivalent in your country) 

A book for anyone (as long as you’re not  ginger): http://bookShow.me/B004NSV6NK



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