Want a fast-action advention novel? Look no further! @AuthorGrainger #fantasy

Elixir Stone


Rex Grainger


The key to reverse ageing may be held in a mysterious white powder.


The journey to solve this ancient mystery begins when two British archaeologists, Dr Jonathan Kendrick and Ella Kaczka join a team from the Bulgarian Archaeology Institute excavating an ancient tomb.

Inside a sarcophagus, they discover a skeleton retaining skin residue.

Lying alongside the cadaver is a scroll, a map and a jug containing a strange white powder. Together the map and scroll tell a tale of longevity and the possible source of the miracle powder, hidden in the mountains of Turkey.

Before long, Kendrick, Ella and former Australian Special Forces soldier, Simon Harte, a recovering adrenalin addict, find themselves embroiled in an epic struggle against looters, kidnappers, and a Mafia backed relic collector, all trying to get their hands on the miracle powder.


A powerful man with an obsession for staying young also has his eye on the prize and will do anything to obtain it . . . at any cost.

And an embittered man plotting for revenge will do anything to satiate his thirst for vengeance.

Will Kendrick and Ella win through against all the odds, or will they fall at the last hurdle?




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