The worst thing you can say to someone with #depression is ‘pull yourself together’.

‘I’m not angry, moody or resentful. I just don’t like people.’ – Valerie Anthrope.


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Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love! comes a warm, tear-jerking story of strong women, bad-turned-good men and the power of friendship.

Valerie’s life has been one of tragedy so far and she’s only twenty-eight! At only eight years old, when she became separated from her parents at a funfair, she had her fortune read by an unscrupulous clairvoyant who told her everyone she loved would die–and so far it’s all come true.

Nowadays, Valerie just dare not fall in love or allow anyone to get close to her.

Meanwhile, Ellen Semple is a lonely woman struggling to cope after the death of her beloved husband. Despite her loss, she sees beyond Valerie’s hardened exterior for the wounded and fragile person she really is and wants to help her.

Lex Kendal, is Ellen’s playboy nephew. She enlists his help to breathe life into Valerie’s flagging financial firm but he spots a conquest.


Can Ellen keep them apart? How does Valerie’s ‘bitch from hell’ persona deal with someone like Ellen? And Lex, spoilt rich boy, can he cope with someone as damaged as Valerie?


This book has British English spellings.

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