With smarter #AI some experts fear the extinction of #humanity #artificialintelligence


The world will change irreversibly!

Following on soon from the remarkably Smart Devices we are enjoying(!) today, even more amazing products are on the way for the public and industry. Your next, or perhaps your last, smartphone will be cleverer than you are. Its IQ will be way above anyone less than a genius.

Artificial (General) Intelligent robots will be cleverer than us, able to do anything we can do, better, and faster, for twenty four hours a day, with no time off demanded either, except perhaps for an occasional self-service. Most of the jobs only humans could do before will be gone, and this situation will soon seriously begin to happen, well before the end of the next decade. What will that do to government unemployment figures? Some experts believe 80% is possible.

Fully automated companies, with minimal labour costs, will probably do well financially, at first, but how will unemployed people buy their products? Some alternative, a guaranteed permanent Basic Allowance for example, will have to be introduced well before we reach that state of unemployment… or will we still need money by then?

Later when ASI, Artificial Super Intelligence, arrives some experts even fear humanity may be facing extinction.

The consequences, of this Singularity, this unprecedented hard to appreciate situation, are going to be devastating, even if the relevant authorities start planning for it immediately… and that is unlikely, knowing them the way we do. Will the subject even be mentioned in the next government’s manifesto?

This updated edition,only 2 years later than the first, is for general readers of all ages. It explains what international experts believe will happen in only a few years from now. They do not all agree with each other. Their predictions range from A New Golden Age for us all, through Uncertainty, to Total Disaster. Readers must decide for themselves who will be proved correct.

Tony Thorne61ApJYYpxKL._SY200_ is an Englishman, born and technically educated in London, England, and now living in Austria and Tenerife. For developments in low temperature instruments, and very high temperature (carbon fibre) processing furnaces, the Queen awarded him an MBE.

He  now write quirky speculative stories; mostly Science Fiction and Macabre, with two novels published, and over 100 short stories published in various collections, as shown on his website

His latest publication, THE SINGULARITY IS COMING, has been acquired by a large publisher in China and will be available there, in Simplified Chinese, in Ebook and paperback versions… click for more information


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