The Genesis of Quave #scifi #hightech #suspense

The Genesis of Quave


John E Parnell

Imagine a world where computer hackers become too clever.
Now imagine a world where the hackers design a computer virus that becomes its own functioning entity and their own enemy.
This is Quave.
Quave has the potential to solve global warming and cure disease.
It also has the potential to destroy mankind.
The Genesis of Quave is a high-tech suspense story that will send shockwaves through to your very core.


Quave was designed by Grigori Bondarenko and his fellow troops after a failed bank robbery. They  generated a powerful super virus that they can’t control—and can’t destroy.

Ralph Cole and his girlfriend Kim Namhee become mixed up in events which embroil them in a race to defend humankind against Quave.

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