A #YA novel – Merrett’s Gift #crime


Ian Mitchell-Gill

When six “criminally gifted” teens are caught misapplying their talents, each is given an offer they can’t refuse: to train at a secret school and put their skills to work for their country, or face the most severe consequences for their crimes.


The youngsters arrive at the Brockmann School of Excellence full of resentment and suspicion. Then they meet Mr. Merrett.

Challenged in ways they never imagined, the teens slowly begin to meld into a team capable of more than even their trainers realize.

A fun, suspenseful rollercoaster ride of a story, Merrett’s Gift follows the adventures of a group of teens living life on their own terms and the mysterious teacher who makes it possible.

But who is Mr. Merrett really? And why is he so secretive about his past?

Class is in session!

Enjoy—but keep an eye on your valuables. And your passcodes. And your car . . .

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Ian Mitchell-Gill has worn many hats over the course of his life: lifeguard, athlete, martial artist, public speaker, salesman, musician, bouncer. He currently works as a schoolteacher, though he doesn’t claim to have modeled Mr. Merrett after himself.

A lifelong reader, he began writing to create samples for his students to help them understand how a story is developed and created. He and his students enjoyed the process so much that he began to write a chapter a week to share with them. Ian says his students were also the inspiration for the story: “I was constantly amazed at the many rich and varied abilities of my students and what they could accomplish.”

His many experiences and interests proved to be valuable background for some of the characters and situations in the book.

His first book, Merrett’s Gift, was a labor of love that is now being brought to a wider audience.

Ian lives in Oshawa, Ontario, with his wife and two daughters. He continues to teach.

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