Fancy a bit of #scifi? Check out A Simple Man by @therealbacci

The year is 2078. The former United States of America is a bleak and fading memory for the few citizens of New America.

Nearly five years after his wife was taken to a birthing camp by Secans, New America’s mercenaries, John Bradford is left to raise his two children alone in an increasingly dangerous and desolate world.


Then Secans arrive to take his daughter to a birthing camp.

If she doesn’t go, they will all be killed. She remind her father of the promise he made to their mother, that he would do whatever it took to protect them. Struggling between his promise to his lost wife and the consequences of his refusal, the decision is made for John when his son brandishes a shotgun and kills one of the Secans.

John and his children have no alternative but to go on the run, but it is only a matter of time before the Secans find and kill them.

John has no choice but to return to his secret past, the only place where he knows he has a chance – The Circuit.

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Mark Bacci is a  Canadian living in Hawaii with his family. When not writing, he’s directing, producing, and/or drinking lots of coffee. ‘Life is too short to take seriously.’ – Mark Bacci

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