‘Nearly everyone is subconsciously taking direction from previous life influences.’ #reincarnation #nonfic

A spiritual book from

Kelly Wallace



Nearly everyone on this planet is subconsciously making decisions and taking direction from previous life influences.

Past life exploration can be helpful in discovering who you are as a soul. You can uncover patterns, habits, traumas, and so much more. After all, it’s the negative things that make the most impact; the breakups and deaths, illnesses and arguments.

Your past lives aren’t saturated with only negative experiences though. You had a lot of good things happen too! You fell in love, had children, went on adventures, traveled, attended parties, had best friends, created amazing things, discovered amazing things, laughed and played and enjoyed life.

Read Past Life Exploration and I’ll show you simple ways to remember and explore every one of your past lives then use that information to overcome current life challenges and strengthen natural talents.



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