Take a dollop of passion, sprinkle with a love triangle and mix it all with true love and you have ANGLES @anglestrilogy



Erin Lockwood

When every relationship has an angle, how can you tell which side is up?

Like the dazzling lights of a lighthouse, Sam’s turquoise-blue eyes equally enticed and warned. He was someone she should stay away from… yet Caralee (Cara) can’t stop herself from being drawn towards him.

Cara’s best friend Teddy (Theo) was friends with Sam Miller once, and their past is a complicated one. Teddy knows Caralee’s vulnerable. She’s lost her job and Jason, the man she thought she could call her boyfriend, has just dashed her hopes of long-term commitment.

But Sam Miller wants Caralee, and Caralee is in no position to resist however hard Teddy tries to put her off.

Then Jason arrives back on the scene full of heart-felt apologies and wants Caralee to start again with him.

With three men wanting ‘what’s best for her’ just who can Caralee trust?

This triangle has been squared!

  Clear your calendar, ANGLES is another page turner!

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