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David J Robertson

The quartet set off to find Rascal the German shepherd a new kennel. He has outgrown his old one and nearly drowned in a rainstorm.

Spaniel One-Eyed Rose knows of a ‘kennel shop’ on the other side of town.

Together with border collie Misty and clever terrier Bertie they set off on another adventure.

Unaware that robbers have broken in to the yard they innocently try to help out, only getting themselves deeper into trouble.

Will Bertie find a way out?

How scared can Rascal really get?

Will Misty mess up her fur?

How high can One-Eyed Rose fly in a kennel?

The book has eight chapters, each with a single colour illustration beautifully drawn by artist Ian R Ward and is published by Matador Books. IN THE DOGHOUSE! is an adventure book aimed at middle grade children (7-11) involving four canine friends and has just been released.


Excerpt from IN THE DOGHOUSE!


The three of us sat in Rascal’s kennel.

Rascal’s kennel is our den, although Rascal is too big for it now and won’t fit inside. But for a Border collie like me, a small terrier like Bertie and a crazy spaniel like One-Eyed Rose it is just right.

We all fit in there perfectly, as snug as the bugs in a sausage-dog’s rug, even with One-Eyed Rose’s constant fidgeting. And that just goes to show how big Rascal is. He’s enormous, even for a German shepherd. His thick black-brown fur makes him seem huge. I think that Rascal would seem very frightening to anyone who didn’t know him. But those of us who are his friends know him only too well. The three of us can say without a doubt that Rascal is a great big scaredy cat – as cowardly as custard!

dog5Rascal lay outside. Through the door of his kennel I could just make out his front paws, which are as big as my dinner bowl. His head rested on top of them as he dozed, his large black wet nose trembling as he snored softly. Occasionally he shook and whimpered in his sleep, probably dreaming that he was being chased – by a mouse!

 ‘I’m bored,’ One-Eyed Rose trod on my bushy tail as she paced impatiently about.

‘Rose, will you keep still,’ I shouted, ‘or go outside and find something to do!’

 ‘Wow! That’s a good idea, Misty, why didn’t I think of that?’ she pushed her way through the door, long floppy ears dragging along the ground, managing to tread on my tail again as she made her way out.

I sighed, raising my bushy brown eyebrows about to tell her off once more, but she was too excitable to take any notice so I went back to grooming myself. We Border collies are very fussy about our appearance and always make sure that our black and white fur is shown off as clean and sleek as can be.

Bertie sat at the back of our den stroking his long grey whiskers. He was probably thinking of good ideas. He has loads of good ideas. Bertie is very old and that means that he knows a lot of things about a lot of things. Bertie is a small terrier with short, wiry brown fur. He is always smartly dressed with a bone patterned scarf around his neck instead of a collar.

‘She’ll be back in a flash,’ he said, nodding in the direction in which One-Eyed Rose had disappeared.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth the spaniel rushed back. At the entrance she tripped over Rascal’s paw, waking him up, before skidding through the doorway, treading on my tail and bashing into the back wall, just missing crashing into Bertie by the shortest of whiskers.

‘Wow!’ One-Eyed Rose sat up, ‘It’s started raining.’

dog587Children’s author David J Robertson has two books – DOGNAPPED! And ‘IN THE DOGHOUSE!’ on Amazon.  The third in the series, ‘ON THE DOG WALK!’ is due for release next May. Visit him on his website or blog, but be warned, Misty the dog administers the website, and I’ve been told to tell you that take whatever she says with a pinch of salt!

Website | Facebook Blog    | Twitter | Amazon

      DOGNAPPED! Is a finalist in The People’s Book Prize 2017 – voting re-opens in May.

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