Meet Mary Louise Davie, the author of TARGET EARTH @MaryLouiseDavie #scifi

Mary Louise Davie is the author of Target EarthYou Only see What You Want To, and WWBB has interviewed about her writing in general. Why not read on to discover more and check out her book. It’s a cracker!

WWBB: How many unpublished books/stories do you have lurking under your bed?

Mary: On a shelf in my office I have several completed manuscripts from before I even tried to be published. I used to write a different genre – detective type.  I think there are about  8-9 but I have an even bigger collection of incomplete ones from recent time as I will have gotten a call from my publisher to continue the series either the Sanacion series or currently I had to stop what I was working on to begin a sequel to Target Earth. Bonus is the book I was writing had some science that I had spent a lot of time researching and developing a theory to go with it and now I don’t have to scrap it completely as it has become totally relevant.

 WWBB: How do your juggle a writing schedule?

51u5ghsbenlMary: It is tough as I also have a new production company and have to tape and I do most of the editing as well, so right now it is difficult. BUT normally I like to write from 7am to 2pm as many days as I can! (I’m a morning person.) I have had weekends that I have literally written in excess of 60,000 words, but I don’t place any limits on myself or expect that kind of amount every day. It more depends on how ‘in the zone’ I am!

WWBB: Why did you write Target Earth?

Mary: Target Earth: You Only See What You Want was at first a conversation, a question that I decided to explore. It was a ‘what if’ that gained circumstances and details. I really started with the future and how would aliens be received. Then got down into the particulars and fell in love with the characters – especially Danny and Ishmael!

WWBB: What is it about? Genre, theme, essence etc.

Mary: Target Earth: You Only See What You Want To is a science fiction novel that takes you to the 2300s where things are how you would imagine based on today’s technology: A two class society with cars that drive themselves and, at times, fly.

But there are other things that are predictable too! The nature of politics is what you would expect and how they respond to aliens landing in the Rose Garden of the White House – thrilled at what they may get as far as technology. But once they find out the aliens are here for our technology it becomes a bit different. But why are the aliens really here? It may just turn out the enemy within is far worse than the enemy we perceive!

WWBB:  If your main character was a real person, how’d they perceive you?

I hope he (or she – depends which one!) would like me. I can tell you I like all of them tremendously. I would definitely love to hang out and chat with any one of them though particularly Danny and Christian. Ishmael and Rudy (the aliens) would be cool to talk to also. Ishmael is the more scientific of them so we might have a really cool conversation involving science on his world – if he would give me real answers!




It’s a new day on Earth in the twenty-third century, and an awestruck public is witnessing the stunning arrival of what looks like a lunar lander in Washington, D.C.

Called in for their scientific and linguistic expertise, husband and wife team Danny and Chris Marama wait eagerly to meet the alien visitors, whose spacecraft now rests in the American president’s Rose Garden.

When two space-suited beings emerge, they surprise exolinguist Danny by speaking English, among other languages, as they disclose their agenda: to explore Earth’s technology and return to their home planet with it.

Accompanying them is a prestigious assignment Danny is only too happy to take on. What she doesn’t discover until later is their secret agenda, much more sinister and life-changing for Danny, Chris, and the entire human race.

And both Danny and Chris must choose: loyalty to Earth, whose leaders may be targeting their own people for death, or to the alien race—and life.

Mary Louise Davie earned her chemistry degree and worked as a chemist for a year before realizing she wasn’t likely to be the research scientist she wanted to be. She quit her job and began following the path of IT. In addition she loved reading non-fiction about anything science in particular. She had subscriptions to all the top science magazines and if a topic caught her eye, she would investigate, even run the numbers to prove her own theories. In fact if it weren’t for her disagreeing so much with a particular theory she read her novel  Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission might not even exist.

Frequently compared to writers such as Ray Bradbury or Orson Scott Card, and some of Arthur C. Clarke’s earlier works, Mary Louise takes an interesting trip, never really having an enemy, instead having those who are only acting in self-defense, in defense of their world, in defense of mankind or perhaps in defense of alien-kind. Mary Louise asks the question what if and then follows it to its rightful conclusion.

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