Fans of fairy tales and folklore need this book! by @1alliemacdonald #fantasy #fae #Scottish #YA

The Unseelie Prince


Nicki Allie MacDonald

After thousands of years of bloodshed and slaughter, the humans and the Fae, known as Neighbours, now enjoy an uneasy coexistence, although a shadow of danger looms closer everyday. Peace is threatened the moment Chieftain Sinclar, the Lord Overseer, is murdered, and without an heir, the burden of the throne falls to his young niece, Neve.

After years of being away from home, Neve must return to claim the throne and stabilize the shattered clans. As rumors fly about the circumstances surrounding her uncle’s untimely death, Neve finds herself caught up in a marriage plan that would see her marry Stewart Campbell, a wicked and inscrutable man bent on amassing power by any means necessary.

With the help of her companion, Dale, Neve is running out of time to find the link between Stewart and her uncle’s murder, and the lives of her clansman and the fragile peace between them hang in the balance. Can Neve thwart Stewart’s plans before it’s too late? Or will she succumb to the weight of her destiny?


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