Have a book to promote? Link it here! #authors #writers #paranormal #ghosts

Calling for authors who have published a paranormal, time travel or ghost novel!

If any one is interested in writing a short ‘n’ sharp paragraph of paranormal true events (could be while researching your book or a reason why you wrote the book in the first place!) send it to wiselouise(AT)gmail.com for it to be placed on this blog.

Articles should be between 100 and 400 words, and I will attach that short article with a link to your book, and post with others to make one big blog post. All articles on WWBB will appear on Facebook and shared via Triberr to over 200k people.  

Anyone interested? I did this before with romcom authors and it was very popular (ended up being several blog posts!).
Drop me a line if you’d like to join in with the fun together with a link to your book, its cover, and of course, your short paragraph of your paranormal event.
Head your email ‘paranormal’ and post to wiselouise(AT)gmail.com
So who’s up for it?


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