Want more exposure for your book? What to show off your writing skills? Writing a guest post is the EASIEST way to go about it, so why not write a guest post for the popular blog WWBB?

Guest posts can be confrontational, rude, funny or just informative posts. Keep between 500 to 1k words.

All participants will have their book tweeted, sent to Facebook and placed on Book Junkies.

With your guest post, send your book cover, blurb, purchase links and author media to email.

This is open to anyone: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, erotica (no porn), comic strips, plays.


January – February 

Writing/writer tips.

Write a guest post giving advice, offering tips, revealing what worked for you or simply sharing a drafted scene from your novel to finished article (if you dare!). Maybe you ace at the sex scenes? Or your dialogue sparkles? Or your scene development is wonderfully created? Can you offer advice on how it’s done?

Subject ideas:

  1. Ten tips for authors.
  2. How social media helps (or hinders) to find an audience for your work/your experiences.
  3. What I learned as a writer.
  4. How to deal with criticism.
  5. How to write a successful synopsis.
  6. How are ideas formulated/plot building.
  7. What to do at book signings/discuss your book signing
  8. What NOT to do!
  9. Anything that helped you writing your block-buster, share it here.

March – May

How to Make Your Characters Believable.

Authors are invited to write an article on character building. They can write about their main protagonist or a lesser character from their book, and discuss their character from why he/she was created to what makes them tick:

From mind to paper—how did you flesh out your character(s)?

500 – 1k words

or, if that doesn’t appeal...


How do you research? Do you study/research before writing, or research as you go along? What lengths have you gone to, to understand the finer details of something you need to learn before writing about it? Do you find that sometimes research can mute a good plotline? How do you research something if it’s completely made up i.e. an alien planet/aliens?

500 – 1k words

June – August 2018


Calling all writers with sexy/romantic scenes (no porn). Share a snippet of your most romantic/sexy/a bedroom scene from your novel. Titillation is the key!

Calling writers with horror/grisly/psychological scenes. Share a snippet of your most scary/bloody/hands-over-eyes moments of your novel. Terror is the key!

Calling all writers with sad/lump in throat scenes. Share a snippet of your most teary/heart-rendering scene from your novel. A trembling chin is the key!

Calling all writers with a comedy/laugh out loud moments. Share a snippet of your most funny/cheeky/hilarious scene from your novel. Laughter is the key!

Poets? Share a poem.

Non-fiction, share a pinnacle point from your book.

Send all snippets together with book cover, blurb, author media links and purchase links to email.

All guest posts will be featured  on WWBB (here!)



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