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What do you get if you combine strong alpha males, real-life and a good dose of hot fantasy romance? I’ll tell you… the Jelvia: Not Human series!

We humans have always been the supreme predator. So imagine a world where we aren’t the ultimate being, but it’s still the 21st century. We still go out to work, enjoy vacations, watch Netflix on the TV and our governments are still our governments.

c l i m b  e v e r y  m o u n t a i n

Except there is another species of human that evolved alongside us.

They call themselves the Jelvia.

Some of us know that something odd is—or has—happened, the problem is, there isn’t enough of us willing to stand up to the Jelvia.

So, we carry on as usual.

In denial and in danger.

This is the world of JELVIA: NOT HUMAN

Holding out for a Hero #1


Reporter, Macy sought that headline hitting story, tracked and bagged an interview with a Jelvia. But the reality was, it was all engineered. She was a pawn in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Surviving her Dominant #2

Jelvia Book 2 Front Cover Final (1)

Life was tough in the alternative world of the 21st century where human and Jelvia co-exist, but Courtney, consumed inside a Dom/sub relationship, felt it was the least of her problems.

Spider #3


She calls him Spider. The world calls him a Jelvia, but now Beth wishes she never met him.

All JELVIA: NOT HUMAN books are connected by familiar characters and theme. This is a contemporary sci-fi with romance. No cliff-hanger. Contains mature themes.

Recommended reading age 18+

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