Julie has walked the wrong destiny, but Fate catches up and sends her on a journey of self -correction. #secondchance #timetravel #backintime #nostalgia #1970

Little Regrets

If only you could rewind time. Those small little incidents that you wished you haven’t done or said wiped away as though it was an annoying mark on your best table.

I remember a time when I was out shopping, and as I crossed the road, I passed a blind woman waiting at the kerbside to cross with her guide dog patiently waiting to lead her, but he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) because a car was parked on the road (car running, driver inside). I don’t know why he was parked there, maybe waiting for someone, but the guide dog wasn’t going to move until the car had gone.

So what did I do? Well, I crossed the road without offering to help, and I regret that. My only excuse was, back then, I was so painfully shy so much, so it physically HURT to speak to strangers.

Nowadays, it’s called ‘anxiety’.

Anyway, I’ve worked through that, and if this had happened today, I’d have asked the blind woman if I could escort her across (and maybe yelled at the inconsiderate driver!)

So, as insignificant as it sounds, that’s the one moment I’d change.

How about you? Do you have any incidents that stick in your mind as a little regret?

My novel, WIDE AWAKE ASLEEP, deals with more than a ‘little regret’, all her life Julie has felt something was missing. On the outside, she has it all: money, boyfriends, her own apartment and high-flying career. But on the insde, she was terrified she’d get older without finding that missing something in her life.

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Julie has been walking the wrong destiny, but Fate catches up and sends her on a journey of self -correction. Two problems, she’s stranded in the 1970s and in someone else’s body!


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