Check out this #fantasy #romance with an #erotic twist. An original concept that can’t be overlooked. I’m definitely buying this one! #magical #books #fiction

The Pixy and the Giantess


Jennie Lee Schade

Collected together for the first time, with all three novellas in a single volume, The Pixy and the Giantess: OMNIBUS Edition takes you on a journey that begins with a woman discovering a young, male pixy trapped in a spider’s web.

Thus begins a strange, rich and edgy romance that embroils them within the magical, medieval and miniature society of the Pixali and the Fae. Theirs is a reversed society.

This is a story that is simultaneously a dark tale and a story filled with warmth. An adventure laced through with intimate moments, it is s seemingly-sweet tale infused with a creeping sense of horror.

The pixy and his giantess are happy together, but a face from his past and the crimes of a sad and terrifying ancient war are reaching out to destroy their bright happiness and all they hold dear. In these pages are found adventure, humor, romance & size-changing, magical moments…and a most unusual couple who only want one thing: to be together

Re-written and revised, The Pixy and the Giantess OMNIBUS Edition is over 16,000 words longer than the original series.

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Excerpt from The Pixy and the Giantess

She tried to focus again, and noted it was a web still very much in use. There appeared to be a wrapped insect caught up in its strands. (That knowledge only made her more determined to get the shot. It was a bit macabre, but there was a good market for pictures that showed the darker side of nature.)

She wanted a close-up.

Krystina moved carefully through the grass and vines toward the silvery web and it’s…bundle. It took a moment or two to reach it. Luckily, there seemed to be no poison ivy mixed in with the overgrowth.

That fact was a genuine relief.

The photographer had no real fear of arachnids. Poisonous plants, however, were another matter entirely.

Long fingers carefully pulled twisting morning glory vines away from the corner of the fence, as she focused the virtual camera and prepared for her shot.

“From here the captured prey appears to be over four inches long,” Krystina mused aloud.

A quizzical expression crossed her features. Was it a dragonfly, maybe?

“I have no idea what it might be, but that spider is going to eat like a king.”

A high-pitched buzzing sound assailed the woman’s eardrums and shattered the tranquility of the moment. The sound was piercing.

The sound was painful.

“Aaahh!” The cry was involuntary on Krys’s part.

The web-wrapped whatever-it-was had begun to thrash around in its imprisoning coils of spider silk.

It wasn’t…moving like a dragonfly. There were too many sharp bends as it struggled. Curiosity got the best of her in this.

Despite her pain, Krystina moved in closer.

“What are you?” She demanded, still cringing from the sound.

She unfolded the Lucite magnifying glass she kept in the front pocket of the oversized men’s shirt she wore. Holding it up, Krys gazed into the terrified eyes of a tiny, delicate…man.

And her jaw all but hit the ground.

For the barest sliver of a moment, time seemed to stop. The sound of her heart was loud, pounding in her ears. This was the stuff of fairytales and legends.

Which, to her knowledge, were pure fiction.

No freakingway

It had to be some sort of trick, right?

But he was real, she realized with a growing sense of wonder. Not merely a legend or a curiosity…he was a living being.

He was also struggling madly, fighting for his life. In spite of the impossibility of the situation, her heart ached at the sorry sight.

Because the poor pixy was also in mortal peril.

And one thing was abundantly clear to her: he would never escape without her aid.

Poor thing…guy? God, help me. I hope I can do this without damaging him.

He stilled as she reached for him, hanging limp within his bonds. Her fingers seemed longer than he was tall.

 He’s probably frozen in terror. I would be, if I were in his place.

The woman prayed she wouldn’t simply scare him to death, even as she tried to rescue him.

Please, be still. I won’t hurt you…I promise you, I’ll do everything I can to not hurt you.

Slowly, gently, and oh-so-carefully Krystina separated the minuscule captive from the death-trap of the spider’s web. I was a slow and difficult job at best. Her heart was pounding. Slowly, slowly.

How does something like this happen? Are pixies normally prey to spiders? Did you stumble into this…or was this deliberate, an attempted murder?

A drop slid down, between the curves of her breasts. She was perspiring now, feeling the pressure as she peeled away the webbing. Her back and knees were aching from the position she held herself in.

She kept at it, taking great pains not to damage the tiny, winged boy, even accidently. The light was fading more swiftly now. The worst of it, she realized, simply wouldn’t be safe to remove from him until she was home.

This would require better lighting, better tools.

That’s it…he’s clear. Finally.

Krys stood up slowly. She could feel the blood rushing painfully back into her calves. Once again, she gazed through her travel magnifying glass.

There, cradled carefully in the palm of her hand and still harshly, piteously gagged and bound in spider webbing, lay the exquisite form of a young man.

Honestly, he was perfect in miniature. Despite herself, Krystina’s breath caught in her throat.

I should not be having this reaction.

The woman forced her focus onto the amount of web-gunk that would need to be removed…

There was a patch of the stuff pasted over his mouth, for instance, restricting any powers of speech a pixy might possess. There were strands all over his folded wings. The sticky webs were wrapped around his chest and arms, forcing his shoulders back. Bands of webbing bound him at the thighs and ankles. The wrists and hands were completely encased in it.

What might have happened to him…what would have happened to him, if not for her personal eccentricities, was a horror.

And yet, the thought was there, hovering in her mind:

He is simply stunning.

And to Krys, he truly was.

His hair was the deep, velvet black of a summer night’s sky, and his wide, disbelieving eyes the color of periwinkle blossoms.

And the thought rose up out of nowhere:

…oh, how I wish you were human-sized…

Krystina firmly pushed the useless, wistful notion aside. This wasn’t the time for this…ridiculousness.

“Please don’t worry.” The woman whispered, very softly. “I won’t hurt you.”

At the sound of her voice, the little captive curled up onto his side and hid his face. The frightened reaction clutched at her heart…but she honestly couldn’t blame him for his fear.

In his position, I would be terrified too.

Not knowing what else to do, Krystina cradled him gently. Holding the pixy boy within the warmth of her hands, she carried him off to her home.

The Pixy and the Giantess: OMNIBUS Edition

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