It’s the 21st century, Cinderella’s ugly sisters are Anxiety and Paranoia. The diamond slipper is a cat called Boots, the fairy godmother is a busybody and Prince Charming is, in Cinderella’s own words, ‘egotistical, big-headed, damn sexy man.’ #romcom

Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love!

Everything is planned in Valerie Anthrope’s life with people held at bay by caustic putdowns and her cold demeaner. It’s worked for years and that’s how Valerie rolls.

But busy-body, Ellen Semple, is about to shatter the walls Valerie has built around herself by barging into her life bringing life, laughter and love.

Unfortunately, the love Ellen has brought is in the shape of Ellen’s playboy nephew, who thinks he’s a bit of a catch for Valerie.

And as Valerie’s chilly indifference cracks, Ellen knows Lex will bed and then dump Valerie, just like he does to all women, and Valerie will end up hurt, disillusioned and back to being cold with everyone.

Or has Lex met his match finally?

You’re about to find out!

Just 99c or 77p!!

Now available from all digital stores!

including Amazon

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