Finding your soulmate isn’t easy, but what if you never find them? Or worse, believe in the WRONG soulmate. Julie has to make serious changes to her life, trouble is fate’s sent her back in time to do it! #Timetravel #soulmate #fate #fiction




Louise Wise

The car accident should have been fatal, except Julie Compton woke, unharmed, back in 1972 and primed to relive her life all over again. 

One problem. She’s in the body of a stranger. 

Forced to jump through the eras, occupying and controlling the bodies of people she knew as a child, Julie realises this is a second chance for her. She can rewrite her future, but in doing that, she knows she could be changing the lives of those around her.

Then there’s the other problem.

Would she ever get back to 2016?

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