Valerie’s world is turned upside down when she meets smooth-talking Lex Kendal. #readinglife #romcom @IndieWriterSupp #dryhumour

First up in the ‘middle line from the middle of your book’ promo is… Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! by Louise Wise.

‘No, that’s not a hangover,’ said Tim, ‘that’s just Valerie.’

Valerie has battled with depression for much of her life, and well-meaning people aren’t tolerated anymore. In fact, she’s stopped being ‘nice’ totally. The book is told from two viewpoints, one is Valerie’s and the other is from Lex (the hero of the story).

Both went on a turbulent ride after finding one another and falling in love–or in Valerie’s case ‘Oh no, I’ve fallen in love!’

Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love

A modern version of Cinderella

‘Cinders’ Valerie Anthrope has two ugly conditions holding her back: insomnia and paranoia.

Her fairy godmother is overbearing Ellen Semple, who interferes in all aspects of Valerie’s life.

Prince Charming is the delectable Lex Kendal who relentlessly pursues Valerie.

The glass slipper is Boots the cat. A furry friend that Valerie loses and must find before happiness can squish her ugly ‘sisters’.

This version is darker than the average fairy-tale—just like The Brothers Grimm intended.

Check it out on Amazon or from other stores!

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