A sci-fi book series that keeps it real! No hard science, just pure realism on an alternative Earth. Love your aliens! #scifi #booktok #spicetok #books #kindlebooks

Jelvia: Not Human


T. E Kessler

Jelvias came to Earth six years ago, bringing prisoners who failed to conform to their world’s ideals. To them, it’s a fundamental way to populate unknown worlds while eradicating their society of undesirables.

But Earth was already occupied.

Jelvias arrived in small spaceships, which landed in the Atlantic Ocean around England, Ireland, Iceland and Norway.

To ease the deportation, Jelvias has a faceless committee instructing them to kill us, thus keeping humans afraid and submissive.

The committee also distorts the truth.

So when they landed, we forgot.

And now Jelvias live among us.

This is a series of six books telling the story of the Jelvia dynasty and its demise. The books are connected by common characters and themes, and all have a satisfactory ending. No cliffhangers. Recommended age is 18 and over.


HERO (1)

Reporter Macy sought that headline hitting story, tracked and bagged an interview with a Jelvia. But the reality was, it was all engineered. She was a pawn in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.


For the last few years, Courtney’s been a captive of a psychopath under the pretext of living a Dom/sub life. At last, she’s free… or is she? Who’s sending her vile texts, wreaths and gifts to her house?


Life had thrown its challenges and Beth thought it couldn’t get any worse, but during an evening of terror at the pub where Beth works as a barmaid, she encounters a venomous Jelvia. And that’s when things get worse. Much, much worse.

coming soon

Macy Shaw’s memories from the last six years have been distorted, and as reality claims her, she learns the true identity of the man who’s been sharing her bed.

coming spring 2022

Autism made Li Jing Zmin different from other people, but she could see the truth where other people couldn’t. And the truth was, she remembered. And then a Jelvia sought solace in her garage.

(6) – late 2022

The final instalment of Jelvia: Not Human bringing all character from the previous books together in their quest to fight the Jelvias.

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