Macy learns the true identity of the man who’s been sharing her bed. #scifi #romance #alphamale #inbedwithbooks

Macy Shaw lives a lie…
believes the lie…
loves the lie…

Macy and Narcifer’s love was instant. And it became them against the world as their bond was met with disapproval from people near and far.

Behind the disapproval is a group of extremists determined to bring Jelvias down. Their mantra, ‘wake up’, is as distasteful to Macy as their unsolicited emails and letters to her home.

But the more she delves into their world, the more Narcifer’s odd behaviours are amplified, and she begins to wonder if there’s an element of truth in their chant.

And then it all becomes clear when her mind is hit with a cascade of returning memories.
Macy, and the rest of the world, have had false memories implanted.

As her mind remembers, she finds her perfect life with Narcifer collapsing.

Now she must struggle with the truth, all while living and loving her piece of untruth—Narcifer

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