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Kevin G. Chapman

Be careful what you wish for . . .

Rory McEntyre is a lonely trusts & estates attorney who plays the hero inside video games. Then, his old flame, Monica, walks into his office with a $60 million winning lottery ticket and a world of trouble.

Monica’s husband, Tom, is dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot. A homicide detective considers Monica a suspect, so Rory must be her criminal lawyer.

Thugs from Tom’s shady business think Monica has incriminating evidence Tom stole from the company, so Rory must be her protector.

Most importantly, Rory must be Monica’s private detective, because the winning lottery ticket is missing.

As Monica and Rory search for the ticket, their relationship heats up well beyond attorney and client. Rory has the chance to win the girl of his dreams, but does he have what it takes to be a real hero? And is Monica everything he wants to believe she is?

If he’s not careful, Rory could end up like Tom – a Dead Winner.

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One thought on “New book by Kevin G Chapman: Dead Winner #bookrelease #crime #thriller #romance #bookblogger #reading

  1. Thanks for featuring Dead Winner, Louise! I love talking to readers about my books. Readers can post questions or comments here and I’ll respond. If you’re looking for something shorter (and free), check my website for a free short story, The Car, the Dog & the Girl — a humorous mobster story. visit me at Cheers!


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