How scary do you find the publishing process?

Where’s Your Towel?
By Amber Scott

I’m sure you’ve been there before.
First day at school. First date. First…
Posting my first blog article. EEK!
Replying to a fan letter hoping I
say just the right-write?-thing. Nerve-rack-ing.
Preparing to promote another new
release. (Fierce Dawn, Soul Search) le Gulp.
It never fails, when I’m facing a new edge in my comfort zone, I feel like
I’ve just stepped out of the shower.
In public. And can’t find my towel.
Yep. Buck naked and sopping wet.
An old Adam Sandler skit comes to
mind. “Noooo! They’re all going to laugh at you!” a paranoid mom screams at her
children (read as: in my head).
Three Kindle bestsellers, eight
published books, eleven successful manuscripts, two screenplays, umpteen
articles and podcasts later, how can fear still
wriggle its way in? I don’t know.
Okay, okay. So, I do know why. It’s
how our brains work. I’ve read enough neuroscience books that I should know
this is simply a normal function and part of life. Doesn’t help! Fear will
never go away. But, luckily, thanks to a little magic, I’ve learned how to face

Here’s how:
“Everybody farts!” said my 3 year old angel to her Uncle Matt after she let a toot loose on his lap.

“Grow a pair!” the accidental great advice my career coach and laugh partner, Ann Charles, once emailed me. (It was supposed to be a link for a hilarious YouTube video. I thought it must be her way of motivating for the latest roadblock.)
Aunt Tammy’s magic dryer. My son is
hooked on balloons and when we couldn’t take his onto the plane, my husband
went to the local chain restaurant location and put an identical version in our
dryer then gave my sister all the credit, saying she sent it to him.
“Big red balloon!” are three magic
words that open any closed security gate. I dare you to try it!
The HOT Club is the misnomer for
Amber Scott fans and our secret group on Facebook. The first members of the
Amber Scott Books HOT Club absolutely rock. Not only do they wear their flaming
heart emblem with pride, but they post things like “Don’t hate me because I’m
hot!” They show up when I write articles, they shout out my events on Twitter
and high-five me on Facebook.
With each new release, each new book
‘baby’, I fall in love. Right now, I’m crazy for Elijah Stokes, the winged
seeker from Fierce Dawn. I’m swept into this world where human blood is a drug
and vampires are the immortals addicted to it. I’m fascinated by human
changelings like Sadie Graves, evolving from human into immortal. *sigh* (Don’t
worry, Ashlon Sinclair still makes me swoon in Irish Moon and he isn’t the
least bit jealous.)

My family has learned to share me with my imagination, with characters so real they make me laugh out loud and cry. My children ask me if I’ve finished my chapter. My husband really means it when he asks how my writing went.

All these things and more, combined,
remind me that while I might feel naked and wet in public from time to time, in
fact, I’m wearing an oversized, plush towel that fans, friends and family will
always be ready to hand me.
To celebrate my next brave
adventure, Fierce Dawn, I’d LOVE to
give some eBooks away.
tell me one thing that helps you face your fears and be sure to include your
email address. – Amber

New Release By Amber Scott – Fierce Dawn

Big Screen, Big Dreams…Right?
The title and credits roll in. Dark,
heartrending music plays and the sound of brush strokes mingles with the music.
We see little bits of a painting and paintbrush. Strokes in blue and black and
teal. Wings. A bare chest in shadows.
A pause. The camera pans back and we see
Sadie, frowning at the painting. She looks at her watch. Oh crap!
She’s going to be late. She rushes away and
the camera zooms in on
 the painting closer and closer on the man’s face until
is dissolves and the real Elijah takes up the lens view.
He and Holly, the tips of her hair glowing
like embers, are sitting in the campus library…arguing and waiting.
For Sadie.
This is how I see “Fierce Dawn” unfolding
on the big screen.
For fight scenes: Prodigy- “Firestarter,”
And Massive Attack- “Angel”
For dark moments: Florence and the Machine-
“Cosmic Love”
Love scene: “Electric Feel” by MGMT
Sadie could be played by Anna Sophia Robb
or Kristen Bell. Elijah would be more difficult to cast, though.
Think dark hair, built, brooding. A lot
like the model on the cover.
would you cast?

Kindle Best selling author of addictive Paranormal Romance

In between naptimes and dishes, Amber Scott escapes into her characters’ addictive lives. She often burns dinner, is hooked on chocolate and still believes in happily ever after. She makes her home in Arizona with her two cuddly kids, one talented husband and, someday, many, many cats.


So, my good people, I hope you enjoyed Amber’s guest post. If you’d like to win an E version of Fierce Dawn tell us, in the comment box below, how you face your fears.