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Authors Promoting Authors

Thought I should mention that I’m on a blog tour. I joined Authors Promoting Authors and barely had a chance to introduce myself when the members upped and left to tour around blogs, promoting their books and telling all and sundry about themselves.

Well, I followed ’em didn’t I?

I’m being interviewed by Blog Talk Radio with BK on May 10th. I’ve already been joined by Fiona Ingram and Jo Davis, and on April 23rd I will be interviewing Auora Lightbourne.

She’s the author of science fiction and fantasy Space Trippers, which sound like a rival for Red Dwarf. I think I’m going to enjoy picking her brains. So, if you want to pick them with me join me here on April 23rd!

I’ll have little time to draw breath and then Lloyd Kaneko will be appearing on the 30th April. He’s a screen writer as well as the author of Kami Jin, and I’ll certainly be asking him a lot of questions because that’s something I’ve always been interested in doing.

Please join me and feel free to leave comments.