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Touch Me An Alinta Bay Novel by Iris Blobel She loves the feel of his skin beneath her hands … Lexie Marshall packs up and moves 3,000 km east with her daughter Zoe, to forget and move on. Now, all … Continue reading

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Waking up each day is a gift… On her 21st birthday, someone slipped a potent drug combination into socialite Aurora Brightwell’s champagne putting her in a coma for the next ten years. It’s been a long road back, and it’s … Continue reading

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Book characters want their say!

Writers are invited to allow their protagonist to write an article on ‘current affairs’ for their book promo. Continue reading

Because the end is sometimes the beginning: Wide Awake Asleep

Is she awake or is she dreaming? Reality or nightmare? Julie Compton can’t believe she’s escaped a terrible car crash… it’s impossible, in fact. A tree branch had impaled her to her seat, yet here she was, unharmed and looking … Continue reading

The Genesis of Quave #scifi #hightech #suspense

The Genesis of Quave by John E Parnell Imagine a world where computer hackers become too clever. Now imagine a world where the hackers design a computer virus that becomes its own functioning entity and their own enemy. This is … Continue reading

Sci-fi? Suits you, sir.

Sci-fi? Suits you, sir. About editing her latest sci-fi novel `Hunted`, Louise says,`I’ve written many novels, and when I started my writing career the word `EDITOR` seemed scary and expensive. I imagined them in pinstripes (men and women), stern, arrogant and, well, frankly unwelcoming.

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Christmas Kisses

Christmas Kisses Christmas was almost upon the Pigpimples School of Mystical Mayhem. The elves and goblins had decked the halls and strung the trees, and Professor Bumblebore, an exceptionally old and wise teacher, stood to address year five.“Children, children,” hi

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A New Yorker in London

A New Yorker in London

The manner in which books are made today differs starkly
from half a century ago, starting with the point
of acquisition. In those days of face-to-face appointments
and the gentleman’s handshake, my initial
“virtual” meeting of my editor
would have been unimaginable. Even now,
the majority of authors physically walk into their editors’
offices to seal deals and sign contracts
early in their partnerships. Since I’m in New York
and my editor, Charlotte Ledger, lives in London,
our initial meeting was a long time in coming.

Read more at http://www.louisewise.com/2013/12/a-new-yorker-in-london.html#kT4i7dbHVEIAqI9Y.99 – 

A New Yorker in London.

Managing Literary Dissonance

Virgil Allen Moore

There are few things in a writer’s life that sting as much as criticism. However, it is a side of the craft that we all must touch in order to get through our careers.

If you’ve ever written a term paper that a teacher marked down for overall tone, or if you’ve written that masterpiece and your co-workers think it’s too odd to sell – I know where you stand. Dealing with negativity is part of the learning process in this life, especially as a writer.

There are times when you want to cut the critics into little bits with their own tongue, and just maybe you’ve thought about where to hide the pieces. Sorry, that’s my vindictive side talking out too much. I really have spent too much time writing dark fiction!

Now when you realize homicide isn’t a viable option you need a way to handle those hurtful words that were dealt to your ego. There are many paths that you can take:

Option One: The first is to learn from it. I know that sounds overly goodie-goodie, but read their words carefully. Try to find out why they came to that conclusion about your work. If one person thought that way, others might as well. You need to find out what caused negative review/comments and better your writing for it.

Option Two: Behead them with better words. If they didn’t like a part of your book, make them spell it out. Draw their words out in a way that forces them to define their actual misconceptions of your work. If they resorted to name calling or any other childish words, harp on it. You’re the writer dammit! Own it! Make sure they understand if they’re going to heckle you, blood will be spilled and they will not walk away happy.

But if they define themselves in a way that holds water and gives you a reason to re-think your writing, thank them. Yes, you read that correctly, thank them for pointing out something valid that will help you in your career. Basically, refer to the Option One. However, if they’re just whining, gut the bastard.

Finally, the last way to go is to be the better person. Walk away. If they don’t hold a valid standing ground, and if they don’t stop being childish in their reasoning and words – let it go. Completely ignoring an idiotic comment is the best way to kill it outside of hiding the body (See Option Two).

Criticism is a fundamental part of life, remember that.

Others judge everything we do and say. The things that make you you and everything you are, is under your power alone. No one can tell you to think the story you’ve written is one way or another. You wrote it and it’s all because of you.

There is a power in words, and there is strength in creation. Your pen allows you that creation because you have the vision to see what others don’t and the talent to paint with words.

Remember that Dreams Create Reality and you will be able to deal with any criticism life give you.

Demon Vampire

Demon Vampire asks the question, if given the choice to have power, grace, and immortality at the cost of your soul, what would you do? What if the choice was easier than you think?

Small incremental segments of you childhood for a boost in strength? The ability to protect your loved ones for the corners of your mind that you don’t often use? Regeneration for the traits that make you who you are? If faced with a grave decision of morality, what would you choose?

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Virgil Allen Moore has been writing for seventeen years. He began as a poet and eventually turned to long fiction. In his words “My pen wields visceral morality as I write. I use my poetic knowledge to woo and satiate the minds of the world.” His books are written for their vivid imagery and well defined storytelling. He blends old world refinement with a modern feel in a way that gives strength to the core of his novels. With his books, you are left not just with a sense of accomplishment, but a moral choice. The reader has choice over how they feel through the story. The ordeals of the characters are transmuted to the reader, lending a direct sensation of emotion that only the best novels can evoke. When you read his words, you will be rewarded. As he says, “If you enjoy vampires, you will be enthralled by mine.”
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Excerpt from Demon Vampire

His eyes closed. The red apparition somehow soothed and calmed him. It was speaking directly now. It was murder. He could hear it above the raging storm coursing through him. It forced upon him glimpses of her dead body, a sight of torment. “The vast ocean of power I can grant you. The encompassing absolution of being I offer, to walk without equal as an abomination among monsters. To be feared as no other.” The voice sighed inside him. It’s breath warm on the back of his thoughts. “Am I truly so disgusting? Is this not what you asked for? Do I not tempt you? Offer you what you need? Do I not wet your tongue with my invitation?”

 Fear swept him, his choices were not sovereign. His gut knotted in indecision. The hot blanket of seduction that had cloaked him was convincing. It was generously welcoming. He hesitated, not knowing the demon’s destination or his own. He could feel his soul slipping, a grip once tight, now failing him.

 “Let it happen, give yourself to me. All you ever have to do, is acknowledge me. Your soul will satisfy my desires, my requirements.” The voice was commanding. It spoke as a god dwelling in the recesses of his senses. It continued. “Rip, tear, rend, and swallow the blood like milk.” The demon inside beckoned with a sadistic suggestion.

 He was unsure, the deal was tempting, even acceptable in a sick flight of fancy. The power was enthralling. His confliction was disturbing, he was not a murderer. He knew as much, as he doubted his own integrity. It was tempting, wet in his mouth, keen on his fingertips. Absolute strength on a level unrivaled. The knowledge that no other being would ever be able to contest him. It was a spectacular promise. It was seductive.

The voice posed its question a final time. Its confidence was unrelenting. “Is my simple price so steep, so dire, costly, that you would die a fool’s death to deny me the path fate has allowed me to etch in the stars?”

Can you read?

In order to write, you need to read. Not just reading for pleasure, but to study and analyse each word and structure of sentence or paragraph.
I don’t read properly… of course I can read but I’m what you’d call a lazy reader. If I come across a name that’s not so easy on the tongue, such as Mr Krowaulski for instance, and it will simply become Mr Cows; then whenever I see that name it’s Mr Cows and not Mr Krowaulski because I can’t be bothered to decipher the letters.
I’ve learned to read now, and my vocabulary has improved no-end. So, don’t skim instead read and see the words you are reading.

The real test is to read the first chapter as you normally do and jot down what you remember most about it. Then, reread and read it carefully, no skimming, take in any name and pronounce it carefully. Any spellings you don’t understand look up in the dictionary and once finished jot down what you remember again and compare notes just to see the difference between skimming and reading.

This way you’re reading as a writer. You’re looking at the structure of the sentences; the formation of the words. How does the book cope with POV? Is it in the first or the third person? What’s its style?

When thinking about style, consider the clothes people wear. Do you know someone who always dresses in pink? Maybe the clothes are old fashioned or the latest fashion. Styles of clothes are used to express individuality.
Authors have style but it’s called literary style or, more usually, the writer’s voice. Writers use words in the right sequence to make a story.

Other elements that contribute to writing style include the rhythm of the language, figures of speech, punctuation, and character development.
Study the books you read and note how they do things. How do they incorporate a fight scene when many things are happening all at once? How’d you make a love scene feel tender instead of sleazy?

Read, study, read.