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Do you believe in
fairy tales?

I never used to. I always thought our destiny was down to ourselves and the paths we choose. What I discovered is that our destiny is already pre-mapped. 

Let me explain… during the winter of 2013 I became Cinderella. A modern Cinderella.

While I was tending the graves of my parents I noticed I was being watched by a middle-aged woman. She introduced herself as Ellen, and became a thorn in my side ever since. She claimed to be my fairy godmother.

I claimed she was bossy, interfering, insufferable… I could go on, but I doubt you have time.

My ugly sisters weren’t real-life people unlike Ellen but my problems: Depression and Insomnia.

Prince Charming was womanising Lex Kendal who refused to take no for an answer. And my glass slipper was Boots–a kitten.

Events caused us all to meet, and our lives became entangled in a way none of us expected.

The story is told from Lex and my own point of view in varying chapters, because, I guess, we both went on a journey in those crazy first months of meeting. And you can read our full story in the novel: Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love!

Remember though, the nightmare that you have in your sleep is really reality trying to get your attention. So listen to your nightmares. Because you probably don’t have a fairy godmother.




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Valerie Anthrope

 Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love! 
dark comedy romance

 Also available on devices Kobo, Nook and Apple iStore