When rehabilition is required for the ‘victims’ of #BDSM by @Lance_Lly

The Home of Wayward Girls: Beginnings Book One of a BDSM tale of love, sex and power by Lance Llyn Lance Lyn isn’t just your average stuffy businessman, he’s a billionaire corporate investor who finds investments in alternative sources of … Continue reading

I’m pleased to announce…

drum roll…

That EDEN is available as an ebook. The download is FREE and you can obtain your copy from here.

This is a new website set up to give new writers and poets the opportunity to see how well received their book is before committing to print. Tony Stanton is the founder of obooko and believes that new writers make their book available as a free download to gain feedback from other writers or readers, and also to promote their work.

This hasn’t cost me a penny, all rights to Eden is mine and I’ve signed no contract.