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So You Want an Author Platform?

You can buy an eBook made up of articles from WWBB at the very small price of 98p or $1.55 on Amazon. The articles are all by me (not guests writing for this blog) and are from this blog, rewritten, revamped and all published in one little eBook. 

A few of the things the book covers:

How NOT to build your author platform.
Identifying your brand: YOUR NAME!
What does RSS mean? 
How to back up your blog.
Typos in eBooks and on blogs.
How to Format your Book for Kindle (KDP) in Word.
Kindle Direct Publishing – KDP.
Reasons a reader will stop reading your book.
Should you use something other than said?
What does your rejection letter mean?
How NOT to submit a book proposal.
Stereotyping characters.
Simple factors when writing your query letter.
The synopsis.
Mistakes some new writers make.
The elevator pitch broken down into seconds.
Your blog content: tagging, links, your author profile, twitter and hashtags.

All that, plus more, condensed into 9,500 words.