Don’t waste writing time! Author tips shared here!

What I wished I’d known before I Published
part two

KEEP CALM. Writing already takes second place to my day job
and I was squandering this meagre resource in pursuit of a frenzy of Facebook,
Twitter, forums and pestering. I can’t compete with the fulltime twitbookers,
but it doesn’t matter. I do as much publicity as I can, but make sure I stay on
top of the important thing – writing.- 
Eric Tomlinson 

is crucial–not just a good suggestion–to at least some kind of marketing
strategy in place BEFORE you publish. – 
Rikki Strong
I wish I’d been told not to get distracted by what seem like
great opportunities that actually take you on a path away from what you wanted
from your writing. Identify the one thing you want from your writing, print it,
pin it to your wall, and never forget it. – Dan Holloway

Write. Keep writing. Set deadlines and guidelines and stick to
them. And 15-minute writing sprints are magical. – Madeline

Don’t spend months (or years) pouring your heart and soul
into your book and then slap a crappy-looking cover on it! That’s like putting
a bikini on a mature woman – no one wants to see that and it will deter
potential purchasers!- Janet Eve Josselyn

The rewrite and editing process really takes as long as
writing the book. – Lene Andersen

That it’s important to separate the business side and
creative side of self-publishing. Mixing the two can be detrimental. – 
Adrienne Thompson

to underprice yourself. – Deb Nam-Krane
Carmen Amato – Join a writer’s group and don’t argue when your stuff is being critiqued. And what Jane Starwood said about not publishing a first draft. Maybe the 20th. Plus, if you going develop the “author platform,” with a presence on Twitter, FB, blog, etc, do so in as professional manner possible. No orange text on purple background.

Five Reasons Why Reading Chick-lit Can Make You Look Younger and Thinner

Janet Eve Josselyn 
One thing that diet pill manufacturers
don’t want you to know is that reading chick-lit can make you look younger and
thinner for a lot less money.  With your
nose buried in a good chick-lit book, you won’t be making any new wrinkles
worrying about your narcissistic boss, your child’s pathetic math grade or the
husband’s penchant for not flushing the toilet. 
And there is no need to be scared reading a litany of horrific
descriptions of bodily functions that could cease if you indulge in the

Just read, and enjoy.  

No need to call 9-1-1 because you are unable
to breathe or speak.  Like that would do
any good anyway, if you are unable to breathe or speak.  That is about as funny as the lawyers for the
diet pill companies ever get.

Secondly, you can feel real, guilt-free joy
when the fictional narcissistic boyfriend contracts something yucky after
engaging in a frolic with a woman who is not his girlfriend.  Not only is that wanton woman a real piece of
(fictional) work, but we can afflict her with any nasty personal habit we want
to at the drop of a hat if we are the author. 
And we can also remind the boyfriend about the consequences of behaving
like a fictional bad boy.  So much
fun!  Fictional stuff can’t run afoul of
any state or federal laws, so the guilt-free joy really is anxiety-free and
thus wrinkle-free.

Thirdly, reading chick-lit can make you
look younger and thinner because if you are parked on the sofa or curled-up on
the bed reading chick-lit, you are not exposing your skin to the harmful rays
of the sun.  No need to debate the merits
of SPF 30 versus SPF 100.  That’s a

Reading chick-lit is also satisfying and
calorie-free (unless you dragged the giant bag of M&M’s that you bought
from Costco (allegedly for the husband) to the sofa to enjoy as you read the

Lastly, if you are reading chick-lit, most
likely you are not driving the husband’s car and ignoring the flashing oil
light moments before seizing the engine which is very loud and smoky and
stressful and expensive and pisses the husband off, causing stress and angst
and wrinkles and other stuff that definitely ages a wife.  Trust me on that one . . . . . !


Thin Rich Bitches

“An uproarious romp through the minefield of female one-upmanship!”

Leaving her cheating husband in Boston with
the paralegal he impregnated, Pippin Snowe and her son move to a ramshackle
farmhouse that she inherited in the exclusive community of Dover,

Pippin finds employment
with a local architect, designing kitchen renovations for wealthy Dover women
who treat her as they treat the rest of the hired help.  Concluding that social climbing is just
another sport that she is no good at, Pippin opens a country club for dogs that
offers services that the Dover women didn’t know they wanted until they found
out that admission was required and spaces were limited.

With irreverent wit, Thin Rich Bitches is a
humorous chronicle of one woman’s quest to find her place within a community of
people who are more blessed physically and financially, while learning valuable
lessons about life, love, competition, and canine couture. 

Janet Eve Josselyn graduated from Colby
College, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and Boston College Law
School.  She toiled for years as a
litigator in Boston at a law firm that is no longer in business.  Prior to her meteoric rise in the law, she
worked as an architect in Boston, designing some pretty hideous buildings that
have probably been torn down by now.  

Josselyn has written numerous articles for publications in the US (including
MORE Magazine) and in the UK (including People of Few Words).  Janet and her husband and son currently
reside in an unnamed suburb of Boston where she will be able to count her
friends on one hand after the publication of this novel.

It’s not all about shoes, handbags and glitz, you know!

Crazy fun from us to you

For the whole of September WWBB has been taken over by authors of chick lit. They’ve been invited to blog about anything, and I assure you it isn’t going to be all about girlie stuff… well, that’s to be seen, but nevertheless it’s going to be fun.

It’s going to be a crazy, crazy month and I hope you’ll join them, and me, for what’s sure to be a fun event.

Order of appearance (so far): 

Introduction to the madness
Juliet Madison’s blog hop
Lara Barnard
Zanna Machenzie
Monique Mcdonell
Marylu Zuk
Nicky Wells
Amy Baker
Patsy Collins
Janet Eve Josselyn
Deb Nam-Krane
Lizzie Lamb
More authors to come end of the month

And to give it a kick start A Proper Charlie is on sale (only on eReaders) all through September. It’s pink, flirty and fun.

A Proper Charlie
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A British contemporary romance novel…
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What happens when Charlie pretends to be a hooker for the newspaper story she’s working on, and is “picked up” by Ben? 

What happens when she is abducted and only the handsome Ben knows where she is? 

Poor Charlie, she only wanted recognition. She really should’ve stayed home. 
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