Our Mother’s Recipes – Jewish Cookbook.

Easy Jewish Recipes:
Bringing Tradition to Your Kitchen
Everyone loves traditional Jewish cooking.
The problem is, not everyone has the time to prepare their favorite Jewish
meals.  Let’s face it, not many of us can
spend all day in the kitchen like our mothers used to do.  Fortunately it is possible to enjoy your
favorite Jewish dishes without breaking a sweat.  It’s just a matter of finding easy Jewish
recipes that fit your tastes and schedule. 
Have no experience whatsoever with Jewish cooking?  Don’t sweat it!  There are great Jewish recipes that don’t
take a lot of time.
and Easy
Whether you want comfort food like Jewish
chicken soup or a filling meal with brisket as the main course, there are many
easy Jewish recipes to try out in the kitchen. Yummy potato latkes, delectable
blintz dishes and satisfying beef briskets can often be prepared with little
time and effort.  Don’t let the taste
fool you.  The best Jewish dishes can be
prepared quickly, so there is no reason you and your family can’t enjoy them
every day of the week.

Easy Jewish recipes aren’t just a great
resource for experienced cooks who are just looking to save time in the
kitchen.  Easy Jewish recipes are also a
great way to prepare a delicious meal and to break into the tradition of
cooking Jewish cuisine.  If you’ve never
tried Jewish cooking before and you don’t want to start out with the most
complicated dishes, then easy Jewish recipes is a great way to break into the
Jewish cooking experience.
Your Cravings
Now, you may be
asking yourself, can easy Jewish recipes really satisfy your cravings for the
best Jewish foods?  Don’t be fooled into
thinking that dishes prepared from easy Jewish recipes don’t taste as good as
the more complicated ones.  Some of the
best Jewish dishes are very simple and easy to prepare. Our Mother’s Recipes cookbook is filled with fantastic recipes that
even people with the most discerning tastes can enjoy.  You’ll find easy recipes not contained in the
cookbook by roaming around our Web site. 
There is no reason to avoid your favorite
Jewish meals due to a hectic schedule or a lack of advanced cooking skills.  Not all good meals take hours to prepare or a
degree in the culinary arts.  Easy Jewish
recipes can fill your kitchen and your life with the Jewish food you’ve been
longing for, without the hours of effort that you just don’t have the time to
put in.  If you’re not familiar with
Jewish cuisine then use our recipes to start your own family traditions.  

Armin Feldman and Dorene SagerBio: 

Dorene Sager and Armin Feldman are sister and
brother.  The idea for the cookbook
sprang from the discovery of a treasure trove of their mother’s recipes after
she passed away. Now Our Mother’s Recipes, Carrying On a Jewish Tradition is a website, a cookbook, a TV show and a place to learn about what the best Jewish
cuisine has to offer.
: Dorene
represents the best of so many different things. Dorene is a cookbook author, a
wife and mother, a commercial real estate broker, a devoted family member, a
true friend and so much more.
 Dorene is a fantastic cook in her own right.
She learned a lot about cooking from her mother, Helen Feldman.  Dorene is married and has three children and
6 grandchildren.  Dorene and her husband just
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Dorene enjoys reading, movies,
playing canasta, and of course cooking.
 I had so much fun working with my brother
putting together all of the different ways to showcase our mother’s recipes.
Armin wears a number of hats too. Armin is a
cookbook author, husband, dog lover, supporter of friends and family, medical
doctor and a lot more.
Armin is also a wonderful
cook.  From the time they could reach the
kitchen counter, their mother taught Dorene and Armin how to make traditional
Jewish recipes. If you watch the videos on their website, http://www.ourmothersrecipesonline.com
, you can feel the joy these siblings radiate while cooking their mother’s
recipes.  You can also sign up for the
recipe of the week sent right to your email address.

Armin says, What
a treat to work with the best sister ever in creating all of these venues to
showcase our mother’s remarkable culinary skills.

Add a wonderful cuisine to your everyday meals
and special gatherings. Traditional Jewish cooking is flavorful, fun and hearty
particularly with Our Mother’s Recipes, Carrying on a Jewish Tradition. These
recipes have been handed down through many generations influenced by Middle
Eastern, Mediterranean, Spanish, German and Eastern European styles of cooking.
In our family all of these cultural influences were combined, synthesized and
affected by local ingredients through the years resulting in sumptuous, rich
and wonderfully fulfilling traditional Jewish dishes. Try our mother’s farfel
instead of noodles. Replace that tired chocolate cake with some really yummy
Helen Feldman brownies or warm fruit compote. You will have the secret to
Jewish penicillin, chicken soup with matzo balls. There’s enough here to keep
you going for years of great food, family, friends and memories to enjoy.

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