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A funny thing happened to me on the way to writing my book

Natasza Waters

Initially, I was one of those writers who thought she’d craft a mind-blowing story—without sex and romance. Yeee-ah right. Now, what I say might sound like I sold my soul, but don’t start throwing fruits and vegetables at me yet! 

The truth is romance—whether mainstream or erotica—sells the most books in the industry. You have to sit up and pay attention to that. So I did. I still wanted to write a story thick with plot, so thick that my reader’s gumboots would get stuck in the story remembering it for plot not sex. Yet, when I read a romance novel, I become so committed to the protagonists that I feel cheated if they slam the bedroom door in my face. I want to go all the way with them, every hot sweaty mile. 

When I considered this, I knew what I had to give my readers. My first novel “Too Grand For Words” is about a woman named Moira Viterra. She’s a working girl (no not that kind of girl) devoted to the sea and the mariners who work on it. As a hobby, she writes. She’s also cursed. When Moira takes her crew to Las Vegas for a vacation, she meets Steven Porter, a mysterious but extremely handsome man who won’t divulge what he does for a living. Toted as the ‘Bill Gates’ of the movie industry, Steven single-handedly created a Hollywood dynasty, but putting a ring on a woman’s finger is the last thing he’ll ever do. Irony and synchronicity join hands to box Steven into a corner. If he gets what he wants, he’ll lose Moira and maybe his life.

My manuscripts usually start as daydreams. The characters take shape, and become fuller as the plot does. I’m not an outline writer. I’ve coined the name, ‘Paper Mache’ writer, instead. Translated, it means layer upon layer of scenes added throughout the editing process.

People have asked where I get my heroes. Truth is I work with a plethora of men. Haven’t seen a single one of them, but their often sexy voices lead a gals mind astray. Their features and characteristics are part fiction, part non-fiction. Anyone who interacts with me now knows they are what I call “book fodder”. It’s turned into a bit of a joke around work, but nevertheless, everyone, every word and everything is fair game.
As a writer of romance, you’ll notice some blushed cheeks and darting glances from people you know who read your work; especially when it comes to the love scenes. It took my husband a little getting used to. I believe his initial words were, “Where do you get this shit?” Followed by: doubt, jealousy, and finally, “Huh, let me read that, again.” Uh-huh (insert wink). 

To be a writer you either have to be single and live in a cave or have a very supportive family who puts up with dust bunnies around the house. Luckily, I have the latter. I also have a new sweater from all those dust bunnies. 

For those who aspire to write, more importantly, craft romance—there is two important things to remember. The first came from the director of marketing at Amazon who I recently saw at the Writer’s Digest Writing Conference in Hollywood. He said, “Don’t write shit.” Blunt but true. Secondly, never give up! The process of writing unto itself is often one of unrequited love. If your words weave a path toward heated kisses and heart-wrenching longing than consider yourself inspired, after all—love, hope and faith are the three strongest emotions that keep us human. It’s no wonder we can’t get enough!


Too Grand For Words

Steven Porter’s successes are as rugged and powerful as he is. He owns Hollywood, but no woman has ever owned him. During a business trip to Las Vegas, he becomes lost in Moira’s siren eyes. It’s going to take an ocean full of seduction to get her to see his way. 

Moira Viterra is a matriarch of the sea. Working with ship captains and gnarly mariners, she won’t let any man command her. But she can’t control the forces that keep her a recluse. An evening that begins with sizzling glances across a blackjack table ignites the heat in Steven enough to know Poseidon’s daughter is different. 

Synchronicity and irony join hands to box him into a corner as Steven tries to hide who he really is from Moira. When Steven finds out Moira’s hiding her own secret, he’s faced with a decision that endangers his life, not just his heart. 

Note: This book contains adult language used as profanity. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Natasza Waters resides between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountain range. To find out more about Natasza visit her author page on Amazon, or her blog/website above.