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5 Ways to Promote Your Book that You May Not have Thought of


When it comes to book marketing you may have heard the standard answers such as reviews, blogging and book signings; what is less spoken about, however, are those new answers that will make what you have to share stand out from the proverbial pack.

Here is a list to get you started:

Author Kathryn Jones

  1. Video. When it comes to video, many authors put up a red flag because they believe they have to put their face on the video in live action. They worry about not sounding professional enough; i.e. making a mistake. But video doesn’t have to include you: at least not in a real way. Animoto, for example, allows the user to add pictures, text, video and music. The good news about Animoto is that your video can look and sound professional without any stress. Just follow the step-by-step directions. As a step up, Windows Live Movie Maker allows the user even greater free reign on choices. Just be careful to remember the importance of following copyright laws. 
  2. Blog radio. Get an interview with a blog radio personality by querying them about your book and expertise. If your book focuses on a common human dilemma or gives the reader a unique view on something or even causes them to laugh, you’ll probably have a winner on blog radio. Even fiction writers do well here; what makes your book different from others out there? Express this in the short query you send off to get potential interviewers interested in your book.
  3. Book signings NOT at a book store. Instead of offering the standard fare, get your readers interested in your offering by creating a book signing to be remembered. My most recent will be in my back yard. There will be a breakfast for friends and family to introduce my new book, “Scrambled.” Yep, scrambled eggs will be the main course. Other ideas include a signing at a hair salon, a local fair, or a store (other than a book store) that relates well with the theme of your book. Some authors have tried grocery stores and even hospitals for book signings. 
  4. Discover sites, like this one, that will advertise for free. It’s amazing how many authors, reviewers and book lovers care about writers and will offer to post your book on their site along with links!
  5. Postcards. We all know the value of business cards, but have you considered what it would mean to have a postcard to hand out and mail whenever you chose? Let’s say you’re eating dinner. You compliment the waitress on her service and hand her a post card. On the card is your book cover along with contact information and a synopsis of your book. How about starting a conversation by handing someone a card? Postcards allow you to place more information about who you are and what you’ve written. 

One thing about book marketing, it will continue to evolve. And that’s the best news of all. For no writer has to settle for one or only two promotion ideas but can tack on new ideas as soon as they become available.
 Like the ones listed above.

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A Susan Sleuth Mystery

Barnes and Noble

What happens to an unhappy woman who leaves her
husband only to discover that she may have just made a terrible mistake? So
horrible, her choice threatens to end her very life?

I’m looking for reviewers for my 4th
book, “Scrambled,” a Susan Sleuth Cozy mystery (the first in a series) set on
the east coast.  “Scrambled” will be ready for release in September and I
am looking for reviewers who are willing to read and review my book before

Susan believes that the grass is greener on the
other side. Not that her current life is bad, necessarily; it’s just boring and
lifeless, kind of like the old matted rug on her dining room floor. Susan thinks
her marriage has just grown—well, old. Her husband, Bob, has gained tremendous
weight and continues to gain, and his health suffers. She must work at a job
she hates full-time to provide the little sustenance they have. He, on the
other hand, works very little (because of his health) and prefers spending his
days watching television or surfing the Internet. Besides, there’s her
problem of not getting pregnant that can’t help but contribute to his

Can Susan
continue to live her life at the hotel knowing that she might be killed herself
or imprisoned for life? Will she be able to find the real murderer with the
help of the eccentric Ms. Martha Boaz?

Cowboys, Firemen, Policemen, oh YES!

Another guest post on #wwbb 

Ever have one of those days where you just
can’t find something to read that really grabs you? Well I had one of those
about 12 years ago and it made me decide to write my own…couldn’t be that
hard right?….umm not quite!

See I’ve always had this thing for
Military… also Cowboys, Firemen, Policemen… any who, I was really into
military/ romantic/ suspense at the time so I sat down and wrote what would end
up being the first in my Operation series. It started with Operation Summer
Storm, followed by Operation Willow Quest, and I have just released book number
three, Operation Swift Mercy. I’m 
working on book four, Operation Avenging Angel, as we speak, so hopefully that will be out in
the next month or so.
My series is about four U.S Recon Marines
who always seem to be in the wrong place at the right time! And it’s always the
women in their lives who get them there in the first place!  Each man has his own book, and I have to tell
you, I have adored this journey these characters have taken me on. Since
starting the series I’ve fallen in love with all of them and they really have
become ‘real’ to me—it’s going to be very hard to write the end on book four!

I thought I might give you the blurbs to
the first three books and let you see for yourself what these guys get up to!

Tate Maddox is a wanted man, accused of a
crime he didn’t commit. Summer Sheldon holds the key to his freedom-for a

Her demands are simple–rescue her journalist sister from a rebel
hostage camp and she’ll hand over the evidence to clear his name. There’s just
one small catch. He has to take her with him. From the depths of a Cambodian
jungle to the tropical paradise of the Philippines, two unlikely allies are
forced to learn how to coexist or lose everything each holds dear. Together
they must expose a truth that leaves them both vulnerable to the ruthless
killer behind Tate’s nightmare. Murder, blackmail, and injustice brought them
together. Will Tate and Summer save Willow and restore Tate’s reputation in
time, or will they pay the ultimate price for honor?

Peter Delaware is a man on a mission. His
job is to save Willow Sheldon’s delectable but antagonizing butt before she
gets herself killed.

Unfortunately, she has no intention of making his job
easy. Willow Sheldon has a habit of finding trouble. As a photojournalist, her
job has often taken her to some dangerous places, but when Peter ‘Del’ Delaware
comes to her rescue, suddenly it’s no longer the hostile environment posing the
greatest threat to her safety. On the trail of an elusive weapons dealer,
Willow is determined to bring the man responsible for the nightmare of her past
to justice. If in doing so she also gets the scoop of the decade, then all the better.
From the tropics of the south pacific to the jungles of South America, these
two unlikely allies must learn to let down their defences in order to make it
out alive.

She needed help…someone brave…someone
tough…someone like a rough and ready Marine.

When Mercy D’Silva, discovered her
ex-boyfriend was behind an elaborate people smuggling movement, life as she
once knew it, ended abruptly. Finding herself on the run with no idea who to
turn to for help, her days seemed numbered. 
For Chase Maloney, everyone around him
seemed to be moving on, while he was simply marking time. When he decided to
take a short break from groomsmen duties to go fishing, the last thing he
expected to catch was a beautiful woman! 
Can they outrun a vicious killer, and hand
over the evidence to convict him, in time? Or will he find them first and
inflict swift vengeance?

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