T E Kessler

Holding out for a Hero

Jelvia: Not Human book 1

While the memories of those living on Earth reform, an alien species embeds into our world.

And like most people, Macy is oblivious to the invasion of Jelvias.

She thinks their species is oppressed by Human society and wants to use her journalistic prowess to inform the world.

In a chance encounter, she meets an enigmatic Jelvia called Narcifer, who is as charming as good-looking. Her boss, impressed by Macy’s lack of fear, sets her on a mission for the ‘scoop of the century’. Enthralled by this opportunity, Macy wonders how she’ll ever meet Narcifer again until he shows up to save her life.

Jelvia: Not Human book 1
Holding out for a Hero

Love- and career- struck, she doesn’t realise she’s being played until she’s head over heels in love with Narcifer.

The Jelvia: Not Human series spans one year in the lifetime of Macy Shaw until her memory returns, and the truth, emerges.

Holding out for a Hero is the only book in the series that can be read as a standalone.


Surviving her Dominant

Jelvia: Not Human book 2

Life in the 21st century is difficult due to the war between Jelvias and Humans.

And Courtney, once consumed inside an abusive relationship, could never focus on the world’s problems. Also slipping past her was her friend’s fixation on Jelvias. And worried for her friend but tired of living in fear, Courtney moves from London to a sleepy seaside town near Cornwall.

Jelvia: Not Human book 2
Surviving her Dominant

But there she’s besieged with flowers, wreaths, strange texts and threatening phone calls.

Courtney has already met Aldarn, a war-weary Jelvia, who made it clear he found her attractive. And her ex, Greg, anguished at how he treated her and keen to make it up to her.

Both have followed her to Cornwall.

And both want to protect her from each other.



Jelvia: Not Human book 3

Bethany Roberts life changed forever in the car crash. It caused life-changing injuries to her mother and killed her brother.

Beth’s father struggled to cope with the guilt, hiding inside a whiskey bottle to hide his pain.

Jelvia: Not Human book 3

As Beth grew, she became a carer to her parents and young sister, Lara. She gave up school and took menial jobs to keep a roof over their heads.

Beth managed.

Then Lara became a statistic of the Jelvian onslaught on humankind.

Now Beth has nothing else to lose.

Books 4 and 5 are in the hands of Kessler’s editor and should be ready for publication by the end of this year. Book 6 and the final Jelvia instalment is in production.



Jelvia: Not Human book 5

Macy Shaw lives a lie…

believes the lie…

loves the lie…

When Macy met Narcifer, their worlds and hearts collided.

It was them against the rest of the world.

But some people want Macy to know that the world is living under an illusion, and suddenly she finds her perfect life with Narcifer collapsing when the truth is exposed.

Macy, and the rest of the world, have had false memories implanted.

Now she must struggle with new memories, all while living and loving her piece of untruth—Narcifer.

How can their love survive?



Jelvia: Not Human book 5

(book cover in progress)

Li Jing (Phil) Zmin had always felt different from others, especially when she could see the truth while others couldn’t. So on a mission to ‘wake’ the world, she pulled together a team of like-minded people and began the Wake Up Movement. But the movement attracted people who hated Jelvias, and in the eyes of the world, her group became an extremist organisation.

Li Jing began to run out of ideas and passion.

Then an injured Jelvia sought solace in her garage. While he lays unconscious, Li Jing chains him up.

She plans to ‘wake’ him up instead.

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