T E Kessler

Holding out for a Hero

As people’s memories reform, another species embeds into our culture.

And like most people, Macy is oblivious to the invasion.

Instead, she sees herself as an unofficial ambassador for Jelvias as governments worldwide refuse them human status. Then fate plays into her hands. She’s hired to work on a newspaper that focuses on bringing Jelvias’ injustices to light.

Jelvia: Not Human book 1
Holding out for a Hero

As a result, Macy gets to know an enigmatic Jelvia called Narcifer. Mystery and love race toward each other as they’re forced into a game neither know how to play.

Holding out for a Hero is the explosive first novel in the Jelvia series.


Surviving her Dominant

After escaping an abusive relationship, Courtney feels she needs a fresh start in a new town with a new job.

But somehow, Greg Martin has found her, but he’s full of heartfelt apologies and begs her to take him back.

Jelvia: Not Human book 2
Surviving her Dominant

Then there’s Aldarn, a Jelvia who she knows is dangerous, also sorry for the way he treated her.

Two men.

One human, one Jelvia.

Both want to protect her from the other.



Bethany Roberts life changed forever in the car crash. It caused life-changing injuries to her mother and killed her brother.

Beth’s father struggled to cope with the guilt, hiding inside a whiskey bottle to hide his pain.

Jelvia: Not Human book 3

As Beth grew, she became a carer to her parents and young sister, Lara. She gave up school and took menial jobs to keep a roof over their heads.

Beth managed.

Then Lara became a statistic of the Jelvian onslaught on humankind.

Now Beth has nothing else to lose.

Books 4 and 5 are in the hands of Kessler’s editor and should be ready for publication by the end of this year. Book 6 and the final Jelvia instalment is in production.