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Remember your first love?

The story behind Eden

It is just writers or people in general who have fantasies? Not the sexual fetishes type of fantasies but daydreams where you’re a person with magical powers or a person who is up against adversity and has a struggle to survive. Or maybe you’re not that person at all. You’re a ‘viewer’ of your fantasy and dreaming of a mythical person/creature… or this person is an alien…

Yup, that’s Fly, my ‘dream man’ from Eden and Hunted.

He’s been with me for years and years and to begin with he wasn’t an alien (I know, palpitations!) but a horse! A horse who could change into a human, a horse who was untrainable and was about to be put down.

Look, I was nine years old!

But there is Fly’s humble beginning.

I moved into my teens and my daydreaming became more defined and I asked myself how did Fly turn himself into a human. That’s where the alien idea began to blossom, and instead of just daydreaming about him I began to write.

His first story is all hand-written in notebooks (still got them somewhere) and he wasn’t even the main star of the show. I made him pretty much the baddy of the book–someone like the Incredible Hulk who was big, dangerous and misunderstood… although he wasn’t green. And yes, I loved the early episodes of the Incredible Hulk. The movie killed it, but I digress.

It’s funny because as I look back, Fly was always older than me, but now, as I reach a grand old age of forty (can’t spell fifty), he’s suddenly younger than me. I’ve out aged my dream man!

But Fly will always be there for me.

My first love.

Eden and Hunted are available in all digital bookstores and now as paperbacks.

Happy reading!


One injured, one insane, the other an alien. Which man should Jenny trust? They all want her for themselves.
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Hunted (Eden book 2)

As the only survivors, they rely on one another. But he isn’t human and the place she calls home, isn’t Earth.
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For those waiting for the paperback version on Eden and Hunted (sensual romance) series…

I’ve just heard back from my publisher that the paperbacks for Eden and Hunted should be live on the publisher’s site within two weeks (end of November), and on Amazon and other on-line retailers by Christmas. 

I’ll let all and sundry know when the books are ready with an update on my blog and here. Gosh, I might even celebrate and drop the price of my eBooks! (wish I could do it with the paperbacks, but sadly, only my publisher has control on those).

Meanwhile, here is a reminder of where to buy the eBooks:

Eden sensual romance #1

Interplanetary exploration from 2236 Earth to the newly discovered planet, Eden.
The space explorers are separated and Jenny, the only female of the group, is on her own.
She isn’t alone. An alien is the sole survivor of his crashed spacecraft.
It’s buried deep in the human psyche to do anything to keep yourself alive, but does that includes sleeping with the enemy? How far will Jenny go to survive?
Don’t judge until you’ve read her story. You’d probably do the same.

Hunted sensual romance #2

With clans of wolf-like people, Neanderthals and a savage tribe of Owains roaming the planet, Fly and Jenny have retreated to a protected corner of the world and live intimately, relying only on themselves.

But the wolf-people join forces with the Neanderthals. It forces Fly and Jenny to re-evaluate their idyllic life, but before they can act Fly disappears forcing Jenny to battle with her fear of the wolf-people.

But when Jenny thinks it can’t get any worse…

She becomes HUNTED.