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For sci-fi romance lovers everywhere – Eden: ‘Before you give yourself to him, ask yourself what he did to become the last survivor of his race?’ #novellines @AmazngEbooks


Imagine yourself stranded alone with no communication means.
You’ve no shelter or food. Now imagine that place is another planet.
Then imagine you’re not so alone after all… 
(also available in other digital stores and in paperback)
As the only survivors, they rely only on one another. 
But events remind Jenny that the man she gave everything up for isn’t human, and the place she calls home, isn’t Earth – the concluding part to Eden: Hunted

(also available in other digital stores and coming soon in paperback)

You said you wanted more…

You got more!


and writing under the name of

T. E Kessler

(also available in other digital stores and coming soon in paperback)

What is your perfect man wasn’t human?

Jelvias have lived alongside humans since time began—or that’s what mankind once thought. Now they are waking up to the invisible technology that had fogged their brains.

Beasts. Devil spawn. Aliens. Venomous… are the words used to describe Jelvias. They execute criminals and judge beyond redemption.

Macy Shaw wants to prove there’s more to Jelvias than violent murderers but no one will listen to a small-time celebrity reporter such as her—then she catches the eye of her boss and he gives her the job of a lifetime:

Narcifer, the Jelvian Lothario, woo him, seduce him, get a story.

Macy will do anything to get that story…even if it risks losing her life.

She didn’t bank on losing her heart.

Book by T. E Kessler contain adult material and therefore recommended for the over 18 age group only.

Where were all the characters before you became a writer?

Life before characters

Life, ‘as we know it’, before I became a writer was a dark, messed up place. Weird people came to me in my head with lives that demanded to live. They’d talk to me about wanting to be ‘set free’ and I had no clue as to who they were or why they were in my mind.

My imaginary friends drove my mum to despair!

I tried to lead a normal life as I grew up: school, college, work, marriage, kids, work. But then I discovered I could write about these weird people and give them the life they craved.

My first shot at it was awful. OMG awful, in fact. I think it even began ‘It was a dark, stormy night’ to give you an idea of how awful it was. That book won’t ever see the light of day! Thank God, I say.

There was another weird person in my head who used to come to me in dreams. He was scary, sexy, dangerous and an enigma until I got to know him. The first night I dreamed about him I woke up with the cliché pounding heart and a sweaty bod. But in the next dream he apologised for being an ugly mother effer, and after that I think I fell in love with him a little.

He became my superman in my thoughts. When my weird people got themselves into scraps he saved them—or tried to. He wasn’t infallible and made mistakes, but I loved him more for his errors. He became Fly and I put him in my first published book called Eden.

My biggest mistake was making him more palatable to look at. In my thoughts his face is scarred—part of his mouth his missing—and his hands are distorted through scar tissue. But readers weren’t able to see through his ugliness and told me so in reviews, so when I wrote the follow up, Hunted, I went back and rewrote Fly in Eden to be more agreeable to look at.

He mocks me for that.

My books have an element of romance, but the overall storyline is loneliness. All my weird people are lonely and want (or need) to be loved. I do my best to please them.

Eden and Hunted are a soft science fiction, A Proper Charlie and Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! are comedy romances, although Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! is a lot darker than most romcoms.

What I read for pleasure is what I like to write: bad verses evil, love conquers all… you know, the usual.

In my latest book, Wide Awake Asleep, it has the theme ‘riches verses happiness’ and my character needs to choose which she wants when she is repeatedly pinged back in time. Each time she goes back her future, and those around her, changes.

I was inspired to write Wide Awake Asleep by the Life on Mars series with Sam Tyler being sent back to the 70s, although Wide Awake Asleep isn’t a crime story or a series, and only my character, Julie, consciousness is sent backwards through time for her to appear inside other people’s bodies, it has a similar theme of Julie trying to get back to her present time by correcting her past.

Basically, it’s  a time travel novel with twists and turns along the way, and set in the small village of Potterspury (outskirts of Northampton in the Midlands). It’s truly British!

Louise Wise

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Remember your first love?

The story behind Eden

It is just writers or people in general who have fantasies? Not the sexual fetishes type of fantasies but daydreams where you’re a person with magical powers or a person who is up against adversity and has a struggle to survive. Or maybe you’re not that person at all. You’re a ‘viewer’ of your fantasy and dreaming of a mythical person/creature… or this person is an alien…

Yup, that’s Fly, my ‘dream man’ from Eden and Hunted.

He’s been with me for years and years and to begin with he wasn’t an alien (I know, palpitations!) but a horse! A horse who could change into a human, a horse who was untrainable and was about to be put down.

Look, I was nine years old!

But there is Fly’s humble beginning.

I moved into my teens and my daydreaming became more defined and I asked myself how did Fly turn himself into a human. That’s where the alien idea began to blossom, and instead of just daydreaming about him I began to write.

His first story is all hand-written in notebooks (still got them somewhere) and he wasn’t even the main star of the show. I made him pretty much the baddy of the book–someone like the Incredible Hulk who was big, dangerous and misunderstood… although he wasn’t green. And yes, I loved the early episodes of the Incredible Hulk. The movie killed it, but I digress.

It’s funny because as I look back, Fly was always older than me, but now, as I reach a grand old age of forty (can’t spell fifty), he’s suddenly younger than me. I’ve out aged my dream man!

But Fly will always be there for me.

My first love.

Eden and Hunted are available in all digital bookstores and now as paperbacks.

Happy reading!


One injured, one insane, the other an alien. Which man should Jenny trust? They all want her for themselves.
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Hunted (Eden book 2)

As the only survivors, they rely on one another. But he isn’t human and the place she calls home, isn’t Earth.
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More from Louise Wise:

Eden and its concluding part Hunted

Excerpt from the book EDEN

She started, her eyes flaring wide. The noise she heard echoed up the corridor. With her nerve failing, she jumped to her feet, allowing the broken appliance to fall to the floor. She could already hear heavy footsteps pounding up the corridor as she dashed across to the lobby.
At the exit, she slipped in a puddle of animal blood and fell, sprawling, to the ground. She began to scramble out of the doorway on her stomach, but her ankles were seized and she was whipped backwards at speed.
She was abruptly released, but the momentum caused her to roll until she hit the opposite wall. She lowered her hands, which had instinctively risen to shield her head against the impact, and peered fearfully at her attacker.

His feet, bare and soiled, were planted wide apart, and his naked chest was rising and falling rapidly. He threw something and she covered her head again. The crushed bottle caught her on the back of the hand. She stifled a shocked cry, and peered through her fingers at the alien, her stomach rolling and twisting like waves.
He reeled off a string of words, and she flinched at the tone. He bent towards her and she tried to hide within the wall, but she was lifted by the front of her suit and hung, like a ragdoll, from his hands. Her chin began to tremble.
She was deflated; all fight had fled her body.
‘I’m sorry.’ Tears fell in an endless rush. ‘I thought you’d gone. I thought you were on Taurus. Th-that’s w-why I drank it.’
She was shaken roughly, her head rocking on her shoulders, and then dropped. The instant she hit the floor she curled into the foetal position, with her arms covering her head.
Her senses were acute to sound, and her brain nagged her to flee, but she remained motionless. The old, old trick: play dead. It was miraculous how prehistoric instincts had quickly reasserted their position in her life.
Finally, the bare feet walked away. But she remained in a curled ball, the dismembered animal her neighbour, and wondered if the quality of her life would be worth the struggle to survive.

Fly was an unwilling experiment; Jenny was marooned. 
Both were destined to meet.
Eden book #1

 Excerpt from the book HUNTED

A honnard ran into her line of vision, he was followed by a Jelvia who looped a chain around its neck. He whooped with delight as the caveman fell to the ground. Another Jelvia jumped off a strange-looking creature that looked like a cross between a short-necked giraffe and a horse, and hit a panicking native across the back of the head with a stick. The ‘stick’ had a loop over one end, and when the honnard fell to the floor, the loop was slipped over its head. Another Jelvia ran past, kicking over a carefully arranged stockpile of wood and rocks. He disappeared from view, but another jumped down from the ledge above the mouth of the cave where Jenny was hiding, making her start. He ran forwards and scattered a group of honnards. Jenny saw Zack run out of the trees, his spear aloft, teeth bared. He threw it, and dived to one side as a Jelvia spat. Jenny couldn’t be sure if he’d been hit or not. But a Jelvia lay on the ground clearly dead with a spear sticking out of his chest.

There were lots of yelling and howling, and there was no doubt in Jenny’s mind that these Jelvias had captured Fly—or killed him.

‘Look at this!’ someone shouted, and Jenny saw a Jelvia take the small effigy of her from a tree. ‘The prims believe in her!’

‘There are loads of them,’ someone else said. ‘The prims believe in her.’ The gap she was peering through darkened as the Jelvia pulled the stick doll from above the cave’s entrance.

This close Jenny could only see the lower half of his legs. Another Jelvia joined the one outside her cave and the doll was either dropped or thrown to the ground.

A heel crushed it into the dust, making her believe it was the latter. ‘Utter rubbish,’ the perpetrator said. ‘How many prims have we got?’


‘That all? Where’s the others?’

‘They ran into the forest!’ someone said. ‘We came in too hard! They’ve run.’

The grinder of the doll swore, and his legs moved away. Then it was over. They left behind their destruction and moved off to find more unsuspecting prisoners. Jenny lowered her head into her arms. How many Jelvias had there been? It was hard to tell, but how could she, a lone woman, fight them and rescue her man?

Odd events remind her that the man she gave everything up for isn’t human. Eden returns with its conclusion in Hunted
Hunted Book #2

For those waiting for the paperback version on Eden and Hunted (sensual romance) series…

I’ve just heard back from my publisher that the paperbacks for Eden and Hunted should be live on the publisher’s site within two weeks (end of November), and on Amazon and other on-line retailers by Christmas. 

I’ll let all and sundry know when the books are ready with an update on my blog and here. Gosh, I might even celebrate and drop the price of my eBooks! (wish I could do it with the paperbacks, but sadly, only my publisher has control on those).

Meanwhile, here is a reminder of where to buy the eBooks:

Eden sensual romance #1

Interplanetary exploration from 2236 Earth to the newly discovered planet, Eden.
The space explorers are separated and Jenny, the only female of the group, is on her own.
She isn’t alone. An alien is the sole survivor of his crashed spacecraft.
It’s buried deep in the human psyche to do anything to keep yourself alive, but does that includes sleeping with the enemy? How far will Jenny go to survive?
Don’t judge until you’ve read her story. You’d probably do the same.

Hunted sensual romance #2

With clans of wolf-like people, Neanderthals and a savage tribe of Owains roaming the planet, Fly and Jenny have retreated to a protected corner of the world and live intimately, relying only on themselves.

But the wolf-people join forces with the Neanderthals. It forces Fly and Jenny to re-evaluate their idyllic life, but before they can act Fly disappears forcing Jenny to battle with her fear of the wolf-people.

But when Jenny thinks it can’t get any worse…

She becomes HUNTED.

First review in for Hunted (conclusion to Eden), and…

it’s a fabulous one! I don’t know the person who wrote it but it’s clear that ‘History Repeats’ is either a writer him/herself or a professional reviewer!

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Page-turner sequel! Loved It!, January 14, 2014
This review is from: Hunted (Eden – Beauty and the Beast) (Kindle Edition)
I absolutely loved Eden and Hunted did not disappoint. This book was a page turner from beginning to end. Ms. Wise writes with the kind of plot suspense and atmospheric danger that you are never sure if she is going to kill off a major character, including the hero or the heroine. There is so much fast-paced action in the second half of the book that I felt a little worn out when I finished it.

The natives take a major role in this sequel, and it takes a talented writer to imbue semi-verbal creatures with so much characterization that they feel like friends and enemies. Plus, we finally learn a lot more about Fly’s fascinating backstory. As in Eden, Ms. Wise has very rich descriptions of the landscape, making it a character in this book, too. Fly and Jenny are basically explorers and settlers, and their new world plays an appropriately sinister and threatening role.

This book was great from beginning to end, and a perfect conclusion to the Eden story. I liked Fly and Jenny so much that I will miss them. They were great characters who solidified their roles as a couple in the first half and then were tested and challenged on so many fronts as individuals in the second half that Ms. Wise left you prepared for their possible demise. It was a breathtaking adventure!

Eden – available on Kindle NOW!

Imagine being left stranded.
No way of getting home.
No telephone, no computer, no shelter.
No food.
Now imagine the place where you’re stranded is another planet. 
And then you realise you’re not alone after all…
Beauty and the Beast for grown ups
The fairy tale you never grow out of.
Buy from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk


A distant howl of the native-wolves caused her to swivel around towards the noise. Her heart gathered speed, and the tiny hairs that covered her flesh became erect with fear. It took long a moment to realise she wasn’t alone any more. There was Fly. But what was that going to cost her?
She looked over.
He was leaning against the broken boulder; his eyes fixed steadily on her face. He held out his hand to her.
She stared, mortified.
You’re not going to survive on your own, Jennifer Daykin; you’ve become a pathetic excuse for a human.
With that truth she allowed herself to be pulled down next to him, and was held so close that she could hear the beat of his heart. She sat tense, aware and afraid. His arm was firm around her middle. His hand, the fingers bunched into a loose fist, rested lightly on her upper thigh. She could feel the hardness of his body against hers, and she held herself as rigid as she could. Heat poured off him, warming her and worrying her at the same time.
The light gave way to the dimness of night, and the howling became louder and more frequent. The fire had faded into bright embers, and hardly any warmth came from it. Jenny peered up at Fly, his eyes were closed but she had never been more awake in her life.
She glanced down at the hand that lay on her thigh. It was large; the nails soiled. She peered closer and noticed the tiny slits on the tip of each finger where the claws emerge and retract. He came from such an ugly and violent race; she was extremely lucky she was female and able to provide him with light entertainment otherwise, as he had already said, she’d be dead.
No! I won’t become entertainment for anyone. I’ll die first!
And you will, Jen, you will.
The knowledge was like a presentiment, and she mentally recoiled at the thought of clawed, soiled hands on her body, and of the emotionless eyes that would see her at her most vulnerable. She thought for a moment of his hard, lean body against hers and a shiver, different to her repulsed thoughts, swept her body.
She stared into the fire. After a few minutes gathering courage, she began to move away. The hand on her stomach abruptly splayed out and stopped all movement.
Jenny physically cringed.
She was a woman from the 23rd century, and had made mincemeat out of men as big as Fly, yet she was unable to defend herself or seemingly survive without him. She was a strong woman, so why was she reduced to being at the mercy of a man? An alien man?
She pushed his hand off her, and made space between them, but her voice let her down. ‘It isn’t going to happen, Fly. I won’t let you rape me.’
‘There will be no need for rape.’
Jenny closed her eyes, and struggled to regain normality – but there was nothing except a black-eyed alien, vicious animals and deadly flowers in her mind to remind her that nothing would be normal again.