What if the story you were given as a child wasn’t true? This #timetravel #saga is a must read if you enjoy #reading that genre. #kindlebooks #booksale #nostalgia #1970s #ValentinesDay

Wide Awake Asleep


Louise Wise

What if the story you were given as a child wasn’t true?

What if that story shaped your life with a negative impact?

What if you had the opportunity to go back in time and change the path of your life?

Would you?

Workaholic Julie is at the top of her career and is proud of her success in a male-dominated world. And, to the casual onlooker, she has it all: money, a beautiful home and lovers.

But the reality is different. She’s lonely and burnt out, and her only family is her elderly mother, who lives in the past.

But the past holds nothing but bad memories for Julie.

Her beloved dad walked out of the family home when she was a child, and Julie was placed in care. When she was allowed home, she discovered the man responsible for destroying Julie’s idyllic childhood had taken up residence in her mother’s bed.

She found acceptance and love in her teenage sweetheart, but he left her for her best friend.

Feeling there wasn’t much left for her in the village of Potterspury in Northampton, a teenage Julie couldn’t wait to escape and reconnect with her dad. But, as she grew older, relations with her mother remained forever strained.

And then it happened.

Julie was transported back to her childhood and primed to relive her life again.

One problem.

She’s in the body of a stranger.

Wide Awake Asleep is currently on a countdown deal for just 99p!


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