What if the story you were given as a child wasn’t true? This #timetravel #saga is a must read if you enjoy #reading that genre. #kindlebooks #booksale #nostalgia #1970s #ValentinesDay

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What if the story you were given as a child wasn’t true?

What if that story shaped your life with a negative impact?

What if you had the opportunity to go back in time and change the path of your life?
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‘He could pretend to be human in the dark.’ Holding out for a Hero is the first book in the Jelvia: Not Human series. #novellines #scifi #kindlebooks #bookworms #romance #thriller #books

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JELVIA: NOT HUMAN HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO (1) SURVIVING HER DOMINANT (2) SPIDER (3) MOON AND BACK (4) NEMESIS (5) HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO It’s still the 21st century. We still go out to work, enjoy vacations, and … Continue reading

New book by Kevin G Chapman: Dead Winner #bookrelease #crime #thriller #romance #bookblogger #reading

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Dead Winner is a deceptive mystery thriller with a splash of romance. It’s the story of an overly cautious trusts & estates lawyer who has the chance to be a hero and win the heart of the woman of his dreams. But Rory is way out of his element. It will take everything he has, and then some, to be this woman’s lawyer, protector, and private investigator. It’s a combination of The Maltese Falcon and Body Heat with some unique twists. Continue reading

Macy learns the true identity of the man who’s been sharing her bed. #scifi #romance #alphamale #inbedwithbooks

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Macy Shaw’s perfect life begins to collapse when the lie she’s been living for the last six years surfaces. Continue reading

Queens of Themiscyra is the latest book in @HMLynnauthor award winning Grecian Women series. #folklore #newrelease #mythology #fantasy

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Queens of Themiscyra is the latest book in Hannah Lynn’s award winning Grecian Women series. This epic story charts the journey of the last two queens of the legendary Amazon warriors as they cross paths, and swords, with some of Greek mythologies most iconic figures, such as Achilles, Hercules and Theseus. While full of action and drama, at the heart of this novel is a tale of sisterly love, loyalty and bravery Continue reading

A sci-fi book series that keeps it real! No hard science, just pure realism on an alternative Earth. Love your aliens! #scifi #booktok #spicetok #books #kindlebooks

Six years ago, we had visitors. Six years ago, we forgot. Jelvia: Not Human is a sci-fi series with heat. – author.to/HERO Continue reading

The title says it all! Love me, Kiss by, KILL ME by @AlexanderLyndi. Can’t wait to add this to my #tbr list! #paranormal #fantasy #bookstore #bookstoread

Lyndi Alexander dreamed for many years of being a spaceship captain, but settled instead for inspired excursions into fictional places with fascinating companions from her imagination that she likes to share with others. She has been a published writer for over thirty years, including seven years as a reporter and editor at a newspaper in Homestead, Florida. Continue reading

This book can’t go unread! If you like dark #fantasy sci-fi you must add this to your #tbr list! #scifi @TayLaRoi @Tay_Reads_Books

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Oh my, this is a cracker! And just in time for Halloween! DNA by @zaberbooks #fantasy #newadult #collegefantasy #horrorbooks #mustread

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If you like epic adventures check out this sci-fi adventure novel! #epic #syfy #scifi #fantasty #books #bookworms #WritingCommunity @thelegendofkoji

Showcasing scary book covers for Halloween! This one by J.R Ryan is a cracker! Continue reading

Classified Ad: Scary book covers wanted for book shout-outs. #scarybookcovers #halloween #author #horrorbooks #writers

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Here’s a spicy read for those who enjoy a good erotica read! #scifi @kayelleallen #bisexual #gay #erotic

Last up in the ‘middle line from the middle of your book’ promo is… Jawk, Tales of the Chosen by Kayelle Allen. Continue reading