Seeking books to take on holiday and I want yours! #writerslift #writingcommunity #shamelesspromo #authortok #authorsoftwitter

I don’t know about you, but when I’m choosing a book to read, I always look at the tagline on the cover first. That way I can more or less tell the theme of the book. Next, it’s the blurb and then the first paragraph of the book.

Lastly, it’s the cover… well, the cover needs to be professional and look good, but it isn’t the main thing I look for in a book.

As bookstores are full of the usual traditional authors, and I champion indie and small press authors, I want to read those, so I thought I’d open my blog to spotlights again where I can read your first paragraph.

So, for a FREE promo of your book (so I can buy your book if it grabs me) send me your book link (Amazon works best) and the first paragraph to (or drop me a message and I’ll email you).

Simple, eh?

Any genre but I do have a passion for thrillers, paranormal and romcom. Oh, and horror, time travel… ah, just send me anything.

Anything you want to say about this post?

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