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Lightspeed Frontier: Kicking the Future


Adam Corres

Amateur media archaeologist and space explorer, Exia, travels light years from Earth in her own space ship to  record old and lost TV and radio signals from history and sell them on.  

Seeing an opportunity, she steals cargo from corporations’ freighters. The corporations write off these losses because their ships are too large to turn around and catch her, but when she steals a major shipment and starts getting high from overdosing on Kepler Cola, which has the effect of lighting up her brain, they go after her.

Whatever you’re thinking, this story isn’t close.

Lightspeed Frontier: Kicking the Future is not fan fiction of anything else, such as Hitch-Hiker’s Guide or Red Dwarf, and unlike anything else ever written in its genre. It’s a book of intensive imagination, idea-fuelled wit, fascinating scientific thought, occasional parody and lines that you can’t help quoting. It’s a standalone book that’s stuffed with ideas and humour so you don’t even need to be interested in video games to like it! For ages from 16 years and above.

This novel has been released alongside Lightspeed Frontier the video game, by Vid Rijavec and Philip Devine, developed at Crowdwork Studios and published by Riveted Games.

Amazon.UK | Amazon.com

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